He knows words like 'Zeke' and 'ready', but 'plant' is tripping him up?
- Joel Robinson

Doing Things for Ourselves in School is the 13th short released as part of Season 13. It was first shown during the Tribute to I Accuse My Parents livestream event.

The Short[]

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An elementary school student reflects on the things that he has learned to do for himself.

The Episode[]

Pearl introduces the short, antagonizing the test subject and the viewers in the process.

MST3K cast[]

Regular Cast


  • This is the only instance in Season 13 in which Joel riffs with Tom and Crow voiced by Baron Vaughn and Hampton Yount.
  • Synthia does not appear, she only provides the introductory voice-over.



Quotes & References[]

  • "How are ya!?!"
This is the catchphrase of the broad comedian Bobby Bittman, played by Eugene Levy in the sketch comedy TV series SCTV.

Video Release[]

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