Helmutt Carusoe joins The Bots

MST3K vs. Gamera: Round 2 is a fan-made version of Mystery Science Theater 3000 launched in 2019. The series was inspired by the desire to create MST3K episodes for the Gamera films that were not riffed on the original show.


Experiment subject Helmutt Carusoe has agreed to board the Satellite of Love for college credit. Following a meteor shower that damaged the ship, Helmutt and the bots are subjected to Gamera films by the mysterious Crimson Weirdo.


  1. Gamera vs. Viras - March 30, 2019
  2. Gamera vs. Jiger - November 21, 2019
  3. Gamera: Super Monster - 2020

Cast & crew

Regular cast

  • Brayton Conner - Helmutt Carusoe
  • Andrew Battaglia - Crow T. Robot
  • Andres Perez - Tom Servo
  • Robin M.C. - Magic Voice
  • Raf Enshohma - The Crimson Weirdo
  • Mark R. - The Crimson Roommate

Guest cast

  • Justin Cristelli - Cambot (episode 2)
  • Kami R. - Queen Cornea the Eyeball Lady (opening theme)
  • Alfred the Dog - Frosty, Helmutt's Dog (episode 2)

"Archived robot audio" by Trace Beaulieu and Kevin Murphy (episode 1)


  • Written by Brayton Conner, Raf Enshohma, Andres Perez, Andrew Battaglia, Clint Finnell, Dann M.C. and Will Kearney
  • S.O.L. crew: Danny M.C., Robin M.C., Zaiden Conner and Elliott Swanson
  • The Crimson Crew: Mark and Kami R.
  • The Crimson Costumer: Martha Gonzalez
  • S.O.L. Animation: Patrick Galvan
  • Tunnel Animation: Michael Carter
  • Tech Consultant: Ken Doe
  • SOL Model: J.V.
  • "MST3K Theme" covered by Helmutt and The Helmettes
  • "Mighty Science Theater" rearrangement by Aaron Smith
  • Poster Artwork by Raf Enshohma

Behind the scenes

Coming Soon


  • Helmutt Carusoe
  • Crow T. Robot
  • Tom Servo
  • Magic Voice
  • Cambot
  • The Crimson Weirdo
  • Mark The Crimson Roommate
  • Gamera
  • Frosty, Helmutt's Dog / Zoltan, The Crimson Hound
  • Queen Cornea The Eyeball Lady: A female mutant with a singular oversize eyeball for a head, Queen Cornea is Mark's beloved girlfriend and an enemy of The Crimson Weirdo as evident by her physically strangling the latter in the opening theme sequence.
  • Dr. Clayton Forrester
  • Aunt MacGuffin: The adopted aunt and monstrous landlord of both The Crimson Weirdo and Mark who is unseen but heard roaring and throwing dishes in the background of episode one and is briefly mentioned by Mark in episode two as having a strict policy against pets.
  • Craiggara: Gamera's deadbeat hillbilly cousin mentioned in episode one, taking the place of his more famous relative at Camp Gamera according to Tom Servo's letter.
  • The Bushy Butted Amazonian Rose Spider: A gigantic pink-colored arachnid that dwells in the Amazonian jungles of whom Tom Servo allegedly encountered during a scientific expedition. Seen only as a childish crayon picture drawn by Tom in episode one.
  • Anna Ferguson: An extremely attractive blond explorer of whom Tom allegedly tried to hook up with but failed during the Bushy Butted Amazonian Rose Spider incident. Anna is only seen as a disgruntled crayon rendering drawn by Tom in episode one. According to Tom, Anna is a Pisces.
  • Franz Grubber: The obscure but highly respected actor from various Japanese science fiction and giant monster films, most notably as Dr. Williams in Gamera vs. Jiger (1970). Franz appears in episode two as a call-in guest on Tom Servo's talk show, Wasted British Talent. He is voiced by Brayton Conner.



Screen Shots

Opening Theme Sequence

Gamera vs. Viras

Gamera vs. Jiger



  • Title card artwork done for the first episode in the series, Gamera vs. Viras, was directly based around the Shout! Factory DVD covers illustrated by Steve Vance.
  • The opening intro for Tom Servo's talk show, Wasted British Talent, features still-photo appearances from Donald Pleasence, Michael Gough, David Warner, Christopher Lee, George Pastell, David Bradley, Robert Morley, Michael Caine, and an elderly Peter O'Toole.

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