Magic Voice is a non-corporeal female voice who provides warnings and announcements aboard the Satellite of Love. Her main role is to count down the seconds until the first Commercial Sign. She sometimes comments on the actions of the SoL crew.

Although Magic Voice is not technically a robot, she seems to be another creation of Joel (presumably some form of computer-based artificial intelligence). During Experiment #424, Joel installs a chip in her that affects her personality, similar to chips that he had installed in the Bots.

During Experiment #416, she seemed to be concerned for Cambot's safety as he was menaced by Timmy. She searched for companionship from other narration voices during Experiment #518.

When the SOL became caught in an ion storm and Tom Servo and Gypsy found themselves on in an alternate-reality version of Deep 13, Magic Voice was not present, but they did discover the Deep 13 Computer, which operated in a similar manner and had a voice that sounded like Torgo.

Non-Corporeal Beings

Magic Voice and the crew of the SOL become non-corporeal beings

After the Satellite of Love was un-tethered from the Earth, she became pure energy along with the rest of the crew, despite already being non-corporeal. When the SOL crew returned to corporeal form, Magic Voice also returned, but was not "seen" as frequently.

The new SOL constructed by Kinga does not seem to include a Magic Voice. Joel's Satellite of Love taken from the year 3000 possesses a Magic Voice and she was able to connect to Jonah's Satellite of Love and the Simulator of Love.

Behind the Scenes[]


Throughout the run of the show on The Comedy Channel/Comedy Central, Magic Voice went uncredited.

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