Magic Voice is a noncorporeal female voice that lives on the Satellite of Love. She alerts the members of the crew as to how long it will be before Commercial Sign or Movie Sign. She often comments on the situations that Joel Robinson or Mike Nelson get into.

Although Magic Voice does not appear to be a robot, she appears to be another creation of Joel, since in "Manos" The Hands of Fate, Joel installs a chip in the bots and her that affects her personality, just as it does the bots.

In Fire Maidens of Outer Space, she seemed to be concerned for Cambot's safety as he was menaced by Timmy. A host segment in The Atomic Brain featured her search for love in other narration voices.

At the end of Laserblast, she became pure energy along with the rest of the crew, despite being non-corporeal. She returned during the show's Sci-Fi Channel run and made two very brief "appearances" on the show from season 8-9.

Her fate since the end of the original run of the show has yet to be revealed.

Magic Voice first "appeared" on the show in the first national season. Magic Voice was voiced longest by Mary Jo Pehl beginning in the middle of season 4.

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