Canadiannnn... Mannix!
  — The Final Sacrifice


Canadian...Mannix (from The Final Sacrifice)

Mannix is a long-running television series about a private detective. Joe Mannix was played by the late Mike Connors (aka Touch Connors of Experiment #503 Swamp Diamonds). The first season co-starred Joseph Campanella (from Experiment K19 Hangar 18).

Mannix was known for being an action-heavy show, as well as for its frequent depiction of violence. The "Mannix!" riff on MST3K usually involves someone jumping down/up, a quick car maneuver, or something else intended to be "action-y". Results of said "action" depends on the movie and load weight of character (e.g. Mitchell).

The Mannix riff sometimes includes a reference to the four-note opening sequence of the Mannix theme song.