Marjoe Gortner (born 1944) is an American actor and former Pentecostal preacher.

At his parents' direction, Gortner (whose first name is derived from the names "Mary" and "Joseph") toured the country starting at age 4, touted as "The World's Youngest Ordained Minister". He performed "faith healings" and recited scripture from memory. He gained great acclaim for his preaching, but he later became disillusioned.

By his early 20s, Gortner was dividing his time between preaching and living as an itinerant hippie in southern California. In 1972, he was the subject of the documentary film Marjoe, which revealed the unethical or deceptive practices of some preachers.

Gortner then shifted his attention to acting, appearing in a number of high-profile genre films, such as Earthquake and The Food of the Gods. He also appeared on many popular TV series. Gortner's last acting role was in 1995, when he played a preacher in the western Wild Bill.

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  • Gortner was referenced in Experiment #814 - Riding with Death, as one of the brawling bar patrons had hair that resembled Gortner's.
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