Poor little rich girl. You aren't so beautiful and defiant now.
- John Palin

For the episode, see MST3K 324 - Master Ninja II.

Master Ninja II is a feature-length presentation assembled from two episodes of the 1984 TV series The Master. It is the second such feature, after Master Ninja I (used in Experiment #322) and was followed by several additional features.



Two traveling Ninjas – master and apprentice – help a cute motorcycle racer form a union at her warehouse and fight off the corrupt owners.

Later, the two help rescue another young woman (the daughter of a Senator) who is being held hostage by terrorists. The duo gets additional aid from a former spy. The situation is complicated by the arrival of the master's former student, who wants him dead.


  • Lee Van Cleef as John Peter McAllister
  • Timothy Van Patten as Max Keller
  • George Lazenby as Mallory
  • Sho Kosugi as Okasa
  • Crystal Bernard as Carrie Brown
  • Mickey Jones as Hog
  • Cotter Smith as Chad Webster
  • Ritch Brinkley as Ralph Carter
  • Monte Markham as CIA Head
  • David McCallum as Castile
  • Jennifer Runyon as Alicia Clayton
  • Randi Brooks as Serena
  • Wolf Muser as John Palin


  • Assembled from the episodes "State of the Union" and "Hostages".

MST3K Connections[]

  • Director Ray Austin was also director for Master Ninja I.
  • Lee Van Cleef also portrayed Dr. Tom Anderson in It Conquered the World and had previously portrayed John Peter McAllister in Master Ninja I.
  • Timothy Van Patten reprised his role as Max Keller in Master Ninja I.
  • Actor and stunt coordinator Sho Kosugi reprised his role as Okasa and was stunt coordinator in Master Ninja I.
  • Rich Brinkley also portrayed Gunner in Doctor Mordrid.
  • Bob Hoy (Masterson) also portrayed Charlie in Revenge of the Creature (as well as being a stuntman) and a mole person in The Mole People.
  • Producer Joe Boston was also production manager for Master Ninja I.
  • Executive producer Michael Sloan was also writer and executive producer for Master Ninja I.
  • Composer Bill Conti was also composer for Master Ninja I.
  • Cinematographer Frank Beascoechea was also cinematographer for Master Ninja I.
  • Production manager Donald L. Gold was also unit manager for San Francisco International.
  • Stunt coordinator Gary Davis was also stunt coordinator for Master Ninja I.
  • Lee Van Cleef stunt double Bruce Paul Barbour had previously performed that duty in Master Ninja I and was stunt driver in City Limits and Werewolf (in which he also portrayed a partygoer), as well as a stuntman in The Incredible Melting Man.
  • Production executive Terry Morse Jr. was also production executive forMaster Ninja II and second assistant director for Kitten with a Whip.