Mega-Synthia Forrester is a clone that combines the DNA of Pearl Forrester and Synthia (herself a clone of Pearl Forrester). She has blonde hair that she often wears in an unkempt bun, and wears a green outfit similar to Pearl and Synthia's. She also has a pierced right nostril in which she sometimes wears a ring or a stud. During the Great Cheesy Movie Circus Tour, Mega-Synthia was identified as being 6' 4" tall, but this may have been an exaggeration.

Mega-Synthia and Synthia both appeared in a Zoom meeting during Turkey Day '20, during which they tormented Emily Crenshaw, Tom Servo, Crow, and Jonah Heston (briefly). She affectionately addressed Synthia as her "clone-sister-mother" and the two of them seemed to enjoy berating the others.


Mega-Synthia seems to be slightly more manic than either Pearl or Synthia. She does not share the dim-wittedness or social awkwardness that Synthia originally displayed, though she appears to diminish in mental capacity when Synthia and/or Pearl are nearby and requires close monitoring.

Behind the Scenes[]

Mega-Synthia was created specifically for the live tour shows, where she filled the role of the primary Mad for the Great Cheesy Movie Circus and Time Bubble tours. She is played by Yvonne Freese.

Mega-Synthia also appears in promotional bumpers for the MST3K channel on the streaming service Pluto TV. In one of these, she gleefully "denies" that the channel is a covert brain-washing effort.

Mega-Synthia appears in the Mystery Science Theater 3000 Live Riff-Along streaming event and during Turkey Day '20.

She later joined the main show beginning with Season 13, appearing in various episodes and ancilliary material, such as two episodes of "Mega-Synthia's Selects".

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