Mel Welles (1924–2005) was an American actor. He had the distinction of playing Mr. Mushnick in Roger Corman's original film version of The Little Shop of Horrors.

Welles was also a film director. His directing credits include Island of the Doomed (aka Maneater of Hydra) starring Cameron Mitchell, and Hello Glen Ward, House Dick starring Ray Danton. Code of Silence, the first feature film that Welles directed, featured Bruno VeSota and Ed Nelson.

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  • Mr. Welles was name-checked by the SOL crew during the credits of both of the films in which he appeared. During The Undead, his name prompts Mike to riff "Hail, friend, and Mel Welles.". During Wizards II, his name prompts Crow to say "Hell's bells, it's Mel Welles!".
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