Mike's Robot is a small, blue robot created by Mike Nelson which ultimately malfunctioned and had to be demolished.


It is unknown how or why Mike started building the robot, but presumably it was an attempt to emulate his predecessor Joel Robinson. The robot's intended function on the Satellite of Love was and its components remain a mystery.

Crow T. Robot and Tom Servo's opinion of the robot while Mike was building it were highly enthusiastic, with Crow claiming that the new robot was cute.

Once activated, the robot attempted to attack the SOL crew while chanting "Destruct, Destruct, Destruct" until Mike stopped it by pressing a screwdriver against its neck. The bots opinion of the robot then changed, with them spitting on it and hurling the epithets "Dork!" and "Wiener!" at it.


The Robot destroyed

As the crew got commercial sign, the robot started up again and began to once again menace the crew. The robot was finally deactivated and crushed by Mike and the bots, who then told Mike that he cannot and should not make robots again.


  • The robot was blue, which matches the classic primary color scheme of Crow and Servo (and Mike, Joel and Jonah).
  • It is kitbashed, like the other bots.
  • It is the only robot shown to use wheels for mobility.
  • It was the first robot on the show to be shown with a functioning hand for grasping.
  • Its voice was more highly processed than Crow or Tom.

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