Formerly Joel's room, this is the room where Mike lives when he's not watching movies. It is often the target of vandalism from the Bots. For instance, when Tom threw a mannequin through Mike's window, making it impossible for him to go in until the hole was fixed.

The only glimpse into Mike's room ever seen is during a host segment for Experiment 1007 Track of the Moon Beast, when the Bots plant a camera (a.k.a. the Mobile Personnel

Mike working out in the "privacy" of his own room.

Reconnaissance Robot) there to find out just what kind of pajamas Mike wears. This glimpse reveals that Mike has a duo of stuffed animals on his bed which he pretends to have interact with one another before he goes to sleep. It also shows a poster of Clint Eastwood from The Good, the Bad and the Ugly taped to the inner hull over his bed.

Behind the scenes

Mike's room was filmed on a redressed section of the right side of the Bridge set.

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