The recluse from The Final Sacrifice, played by Ron Anderson.

When Zap Rowsdower and Troy are running from the evil cult leader Satoris, they find Pipper's house and hide inside. Pipper finds them and lets them stay when he realizes that Troy's father had been his friend. Soon, Troy and Pipper start talking and Troy shows him the map. Pipper draws on it and tells the story of Satoris.

Later, after Rowsdower goes to another room, Pipper tells Troy how he feels about Rowsdower, saying,"I don't trust that man. I remember him, he was with Satoris the night your father was killed", making Troy suspect that Rowsdower had killed his father.


  • Mike Pipper had been hiding in the woods from Satoris for seven years when he encountered Troy and Rowsdower.
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