The SOL crew's apartment was first (and last) seen during the final experiment Danger! Diabolik. It is a small housing complex where Mike Nelson, Tom and Crow all settled down after Pearl Forrester and Brain Guy severed all connection with the Satellite of Love and literally pulled the plug, causing it to fall and crash right back onto Earth. How they were able to pay for the rent or where they worked afterwards is unknown but it's just a show, you really should just relax...

Gypsy was never seen in the apartment complex as she had gone on to run the corporate giant ConGypsCo. Mike was last seen with the Bots watching The Crawling Eye, the movie that Joel Robinson and co. were forced to view by The Mads in the first cable episode of the show. How the Bots returned to participate in the revived experiment by Kinga Forrester has not been addressed.

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