"Buzz off!"
- Mitchell

For the MST3K episode, see MST3K 512 - Mitchell.

Mitchell is a 1975 crime/action film written and directed by Andrew V. McLaglen.


Mitchell, an abrasive police detective, ignores the orders of his superiors in pursuit of his targets and demonstrates disdain for by-the-book police work.

Mitchell is assigned to monitor the successful businessman James Arthur Cummins, who is suspected of being involved with a drug smuggling ring. Mitchell resents the assignment, as it takes him away from his investigation of Walter Deaney (another wealthy businessman) who shot and killed a burglar during a home invasion. Mitchell suspects Deaney of having plotted to commit murder.

Cummins and Deaney attempt to bribe Mitchell, without success. Mitchell stops the importing of a drug shipment, Deaney is killed during an attempt on Mitchell's life, and a showdown takes place on Cummins' boat.



  • Final theatrical film of Merlin Olsen.
  • Outside Cummins' house, Mitchell honks in a pattern, twice. This pattern is "Hullabaloo, Caneck, Caneck", the first line of Texas A&M's Aggie War Hymn.
  • The film's country music theme is by Hoyt Axton. It consists of a plot summary set to music and can be found here.

MST3K Connections[]

  • Joe Don Baker also portrayed Thomas Jefferson Geronimo III in Final Justice.
  • Buck Young (Detective Aldridge) also portrayed Tom Nelson in Stranded in Space.
  • Rayford Barnes (Detective Tyzack) also portrayed Corporal Chuck in Beginning of the End.
  • Actor and stuntman Alan Gibbs (Mustang hood) was also stunt consultant for Hangar 18.
  • Eddie Smith (police officer) also portrayed a reporter in Space Travelers.
  • Composer and song writer Jerry Styner was also composer and song writer for The Side Hackers.
  • Special effects technician Chuck Gaspar also did special effects for Space Travelers.
  • Key grip Tom D. May was also key grip for Mac and Me.
  • Camera operator Richard Tim Vanik was also assistant camera for Kitten with a Whip.
  • Title designer Wayne Fitzgerald was also title designer for Kitten with a Whip.

Critical Response[]

  • Leonard Maltin wrote: "Two-and-a-half stars ... Slick handling of typical action fodder."[1]


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