Monad is an intelligent satellite that Mike and the Bots encountered during one of the host segments in episode 706, Laserblast. The character was voiced by Jim Mallon.


Monad showed up on the SOL's bridge and threatened to destroy Mike and the 'Bots for being "imperfections", but completely failed to intimidate them. Eventually their taunts drove Monad to tears and Mike flushed the whining satellite out of the airlock.

The current whereabouts of Monad are unknown.

Behind the scenes

This segment was a direct parody of the Star Trek episode "The Changeling", which featured a satellite called Nomad in a similar role.


  • In the philosophical tradition of Pythagoreanism, "Monad" (Greek for "Singularity") refers to the primary source of ultimate reality, and has influenced countless other philosophers.

External links

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