For the episode, see MST3K 421 - Monster A-Go Go.
There was no giant, no monster, no thing called Douglas to be followed.
- Narrator

Monster A-Go Go is a 1965 science-fiction movie directed by Bill Rebane and Herschell Gordon Lewis.



Monster A-Go Go

An Army astronaut's capsule returns to earth, but he is not in it. A mutant monster begins wreaking havoc nearby. Scientists and military officers are deployed to find the monster and determine if it is radioactive.


  • Henry Hite as Frank Douglas / The Monster
  • June Travis as Ruth
  • Phil Morton as Col. Steve Connors
  • Peter M. Thompson as Dr. Chris Manning
  • Rork Stevens as Tom
  • George Perry as Dr. Brent
  • Robert Simons as Dr. Henry Logan, Dr. Conrad Logan
  • J. Stewart Taylor as Kelly the Truck Driver


  • Director Herschell Gordon Lewis needed another movie to round out a double-feature, so he bought Bill Rebane’s unfinished Terror at Halfday which Rebane had completely abandoned. Lewis filmed extra scenes, added some dialogue, used a prerecorded narration from Rebane, and released it as Monster A-Go Go. Because the film was completed so long after it had begun production, viewers will notice that the entire cast (save one actor) disappears roughly about halfway through the movie and is replaced with other actors playing different roles.
  • Herschell Gordon Lewis is credited as producer under the name Sheldon S. Seymour.
  • Both Rebane and Lewis did voice work in the film. Rebane is the Narrator (as well as an attendee of the dance) and Lewis is a Radio Announcer.
  • Another consequence of the long gap in production was that the appearance of the actor playing Dr. Henry Logan changed so dramatically that his character was changed to be Dr. Conrad Logan, Henry's brother.
  • This movie has one of the most infamous scenes of any film used on MST3K, in which one of the actors fairly obviously makes the sound of a phone ringing with his mouth in lieu of an actual sound effect. Joel notes the moment with a disgusted "Unbelievable!" followed by Servo quipping as the doctor "Yes, I made that phone noise!"
  • Was nominated in The Golden Turkey Awards series for Most Idiotic Ad Lines in Hollywood History for, "AN ASTRONAUT WENT UP-- A 'GUESS WHAT' CAME DOWN! The picture comes complete with a 10-foot monster to give you the wim-wams!" It lost to Kwaheri.
  • Some promotional material identifies the film's title as "Monster A Go-Go", but the film's title card places the dash between the A and the first Go.
  • This is the only film role of Chicago stage actress Aviva Crane (who played the stranded Convertible Driver).
  • Henry Hite (The Monster) was approximately 7'6" tall and had at one time been promoted as The Tallest Man in the World. His only other film credits were from the 1930s.

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