The "Moon 14 Mesozoic Ranch Dinosaur BBQ Theme" is a series of musical cues that Kinga Forrester created to help promote her new fast-food franchise, as seen in Experiment #1107 The Land That Time Forgot.

The music, lyrics, and vocals were all created by Storm Dicostanzo and Paiul Sabourin.

Unofficial Ringtone


(On the Satellite of Love, Jonah and the Bots are discussing the movie they have been watching.)
Jonah: What do you think that dinosaur tasted like, anyway? Tuna steak or swordfish or something?
Crow: Eh, I bet dinosaur tastes like chicken.
Tom Servo: It's more chronologically-accurate to say chicken tastes like dinosaur, right? (Jonah and Crow nod and respond in agreement)

Main sketch

(In Moon 13, Kinga and Max stand in their usual spots)
Kinga: Missing out on the mouthwatering taste of thunder lizard? Get yourself a Moon 14 Mesozoic Ranch dino-steak.
Max: We've been raising real dinosaurs in our basement, and this is the meal that bland forgot. It's a lost world of flavor.
Kinga: Plan to dine in the land before time. Hit me with the jingle.
(Kinga and Max dance as the Mesozoic Ranch logo appears, which is essentially that for Buffalo Wild Wings with a dinosaur on it)
Jingle singers: Plan to dine in the land before time... Moon 14!
Jonah: Oh, cool! Wait, are they raised cruelty-free?
Kinga: Oh, no, no. We are very cruel. But it's probably kosher.
Max: But who knows? These beasts died off before God made those rules. Do it!
Jingle singers: Meat from before the time there was language... Moon 14!
Kinga: Mmmm, our T-Rex-cellent cut. (The scene cuts to a shot of a Tyrannosaurus attacking the Skeleton Crew) The king of dinosaurs is now the king of your stomach.
Jonah: Is he eating the band?
Kinga: No no no, don't focus on what he's eating. Focus on what you'll be eating. Who he's eating? Whatever. Jingle this!
Jingle singers: Tiny little arms but great big flavor... Moon 14!
(Scene cuts to Moon 14's holding tank room, where two Boneheads fight a Triceratops)
Max: Ooh, see that horn? We fill it with ground tail and smother it in Dinosauce. We call it the Triple-Dip Tricera-Cone.
Kinga: Rest assured, all human remains are power-blasted off before it reaches you. Jingle!
Jingle singers: Slam it on the grill and cram it in your face hole... Moon 14!
Jonah: Yeah, I don't know...
Max: How about a taste from the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous periods all in one bite? (Scene cuts to Kinga and Max fighting a Stegosaurus outside Moon 13) It's the plateo-stego-guanodon.
Kinga: That is a plateosaurus stuffed in a stegosaurus stuffed in an iguanodon. It took 65 million years to create this meal, but you'll get it in 30 minutes or less.
Jingle singers: Flame-broiled, deep-fried crime against nature... Moon 14!
Max: Now a regular menu item at the world-famous Dino Hotel.
Kinga: The pride of Lakewood, Colorado-
(A loud stomping sound is heard)
Max: And I just realized I forgot to lock the allosaurus' pen again.
Kinga: Uh... uh... to the Moon 13 Mesozoic panic room.
Jingle singers: Never should have tampered in God's domain... Moon 14!
Kinga: Yeah, yeah, we're in serious danger. We don't need a jingle right now.
Jingle singers: Jingle's self-aware now and saying what he wants to... Movie Sign!
(Kinga and Max run for their lives as Movie Sign goes off in the SOL)
Jonah: Oh, man, we got Movie Sign!