He's so perky! KILL HER.
- Crow

Mr. B Natural is the physical embodiment of The Spirit of Music. Some time ago, he convinced an adolescent boy named Buzz Turner to take up playing the trumpet when he magically appeared in Buzz's room one day. Through music (and with the help of his mysterious friend), Buzz found the confidence and assertiveness he needed to try out for the school band, make friends, and play solos at concerts and at the school dance.


During Experiment #319, Joel and the Bots mocked Mr. B's gender ambiguity and seemingly sinister interest in Buzz, and joked that Mr. B was in fact a demon, or even Satan himself. Following the short, Crow and Servo engaged in a debate as to whether Mr. B Natural was a man or a woman.


A drunk Jack Perkins hits on Mr. B during Turkey Day '95.

Shortly before TV's Frank's death, he invited Mr. B Natural and several other guests to Deep 13 for Thanksgiving dinner. During one of the experiments, Jack Perkins became intoxicated and professed his love for Mr. B Natural, much to Mr. B Natural's discomfort. Mr. B later ate Pearl Forrester's "Turkey Surprise", which was secretly poisoned.

Years later, Mr. B Natural's original short was screened in a secret theater in Moon 13, where a trapped Kinga Forrester and Max were left with nothing to do except riff the short themselves.


  • Mr. B Natural was played by Betty Luster in the original short, which was produced in 1957 by the C.G. Conn Company to advertise Conn's line of musical instruments.
    • Betty Luster's costume and performance as Mr. B Natural are similar in many ways to Mary Martin and her performance in Peter Pan.
  • Bridget Jones portrayed Mr. B during the MST3K Anthology (aka Turkey Day '95). Jack Perkins was played by Bridget's real-life husband, Michael J. Nelson.
    • When Bridget Nelson joined the Mads for their livestream event that included the short Mr. B Natural, she referred to having been self-conscious about her appearance when she played the character on Mystery Science Theater 3000. She stated that she had recently given birth to her son August and was not confident about how her body looked. However, August Nelson was born in 1993 and Bridget did not play Mr. B until late 1995. It is possible that she was misremembering her experiences and conflated her appearance as Mr. B with her appearance as Nuveena, which occurred in early 1994.