Music for Riffing is an album by The RiffTones released in 2010. It features songs based on several RiffTrax films, along with songs produced for the "Masters of Song Fu" competition.

It is available digitally from and iTunes. Purchases from include two bonus tracks not available from other retailers.


  1. "Plans One Through Nine" - inspired by Plan 9 from Outer Space
  2. "Reefer Boy" - inspired by Reefer Madness
  3. "Eat Me" - inspired by The Little Shop of Horrors
  4. "(Party at the) House on Haunted Hill" - inspired by The House on Haunted Hill
  5. "Sparkly Vampires" - inspired by Twilight
  6. "Missile to Your Heart" - inspired by Missile to the Moon
  7. "Come to the Carnival" - inspired by Carnival of Souls
  8. "Fine" - inspired by The Three Stooges
  9. "Zombie Mambo" - inspired by Night of the Living Dead
  10. "Love Theme from "Jaws" (When a Man Loves a Shark)" - inspired by Jaws
  11. "Animation Samba" (bonus track)
  12. "Diver Damned" (bonus track) (listed as "Diver Dan" on

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