MST3k- Joel's Soultaker ship

Joel's ship catching the SOL in his tractor beam.

This mysterious ship was a vessel that appeared during the host segments for Soultaker.

The Mysterious Ship appeared at a time when the Satellite of Love was experiencing unusual technical difficulties and power outages (including the Whirlpool). The Mysterious Ship then stabilized the SOL by using a tractor beam. Mike, concerned and out of his depth, ordered the SOL to enlarge the viewscreen image, fire photon torpedoes, and raise shields. Tom and Crow then reminded him that the SOL had no such capabilities. Mike then asked for the Hexfield viewscreen to close, but it malfunctioned and only closed half-way.

The Mysterious Ship later turned out to have been constructed and piloted by the returning Joel Robinson. It docked with the SOL, allowing Joel to board and perform some repairs.