Hello. Welcome. What you are about to see, is, an experiment...
  — Dr. Clayton Forrester

Well believe me, I calculated the odds of this succeeding versus the odds I was doing something incredibly stupid. And I... went ahead anyway.
  — Crow T. Robot

Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie is the feature film version of Mystery Science Theater 3000, in which Mike Nelson and the 'Bots riff on This Island Earth.

The Movie

Main article: This Island Earth (film)

A scientist is recruited by a think-tank, only to learn it is part of a wide-ranging scheme to relocate a doomed alien race to Earth.

MST3K: The Movie

Host segments

  • Dr. F introduces himself

    The SOL orbiting Earth

    Prologue: Dr. Clayton Forrester introduces himself and his experiment to the world. He makes a strong case for the "mad" part of mad scientist, but the scientist part is up for debate.

    Mike working out

  • Segment One: Mike Nelson is finishing his daily workout when Tom Servo runs up and presents a problem: fellow Bot Crow T. Robot has convinced himself he can tunnel through the bottom of the ship and get back to Earth, conveniently ignoring the empty vacuum of space in between. Attempts to stop Crow result in danger, laughs, and a new sensation for Servo.

    "I think that was more of a curtsey than a bow"

  • Segment Two: Gypsy happily pilots the ship until the Bots dare Mike to try. He succeeds... in crashing the Satellite of Love into the poor, abused Hubble. Trying to put things right, he uses the SOL's manipulator arms - pressing the Manos button to activate it - to free the Hubble from the SOL's hull, only to have it fall down to the earth after being released, much to the dismay of Mike. Gypsy cleans up the mess while the boys head back.

    Mike tries driving the ship

  • Segment Three: Reminded by the movie, the boys go searching through Servo's room for his misplaced Interociter. Mike and Crow learn about Tom's strange obsession with men's underpants. Finding the Interociter puts them into contact with Benkitnorf the Metalunan, who tries to help them use it to escape but not being very familiar with the machine ends up repeatedly shooting Servo in the head with laser beams. The signal is cut off by Forrester (a la The Wicked Witch of the West) and sends them back to the theater.

    Mike breaks the Hubble!

  • Segment Four: The crew holds a "Metalunan mixer" to celebrate them getting through the movie. Dr. F has an Interociter of his own which he attempts to use to make the SOL crew regret their joy. He ends up stranding himself in poor Benkitnorf's bathroom.
  • Stinger: No stinger, but Mike and the Bots riff on the credits to their own movie!


  • In the scene in Tom Servo's bedroom, to the left of the interocitor, is Tom Servo's portrait of his "Ideal family" (Haley Mills, Peggy Cass and Gigantor) from the episode I Accuse My Parents.
  • The control panel for the robotic arms that Mike uses to grab the Hubble is marked "Manos." Manos, along with being Spanish for "hands," is also a reference to the movie "Manos" The Hands of Fate. During the sequence, the musical score includes a refrain from Torgo's theme.

Obscure References

  • "It's a Long Way to Tipperary"
Crow is singing this song while making a hole in the spaceships hull. This may be a reference to the movie Das Boot where this song is sung by the crew. The U96 is sunk by to a torpedo hit ("hole in the hull").
  • "Space... The FINAL frontier... These ARE the VOYages of Babylon 5..."
Servo references both Star Trek and Babylon 5, while doing a typical William Shatner impersonation.
  • "The light from these credits originated 7,000 years ago..."
Mike is doing an impression of Carl Sagan.
  • "Oh look, Orion is bankrupt!"
Orion Pictures was a movie studio that went bankrupt in the early 1990s.
  • "John Sununu goes for a haircut."
Tom is referring to John H. Sununu, famous for his forced resignation as White House Chief of Staff due to his alleged inappropriate use of government aircraft for personal use.
  • "Oh jeez, there's soccer teams laying all over the place!"
Tom's referencing the crash of Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571, which crashed into the Andes mountains, causing the survivors (which included a rugby team) to reluctantly resort to eating the flesh of the passengers who died. The incident was dramatized in the 1993 biographical survival drama film Alive.
  • "Look out President Clinton!"
On September 12, 1994, Frank Eugene Corder flew a stolen civilian airplane to the White House, intending to hit the building, but ended up crashing to his death on the South Lawn. President Clinton and his family were not in the building at the time, as they were staying in a guest house across the street due to repairs being made in the White House.
  • "Ow, that ringing! Now he knows what the world sounds like to Pete Townshend!"
Tom is referencing The Who guitarist Pete Townshend, who suffers from tinnitus due to his overexposure to loud music. Bandmate Keith Moon detonating his drum set next to Townshend's ears during a performance on The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour may also have been a contributing factor.
  • "Ah, been ordering from the Adam & Eve collection again, HMMMMMMM?"
The Adam & Eve Collection is a mail-order "marital aid" catalog.
  • "Your camera will pick up nothing but smoke and fog!" "Oh, it's a GoldStar."
GoldStar is a defunct brand of inexpensive consumer electronics manufactured in South Korea.
  • "Oh, PLEASE let us get the Sci-Fi Channel! Ohpleaseohpleaseohplease!"
An inside joke because during filming Best Brains was in negotiations with The Sci-Fi Channel to pick up the series.
  • "I'm your pilot, Claude Rains. Your co-pilot, Harvey the Rabbit."
Servo references both the 1933 film The Invisible Man, where actor Claude Rains played the titular character, and the 1950 film Harvey involving a giant, mischievous rabbit.
  • "You're being kidnapped by the Lite FM."
Radio station WLTE (now KMNB) billed itself as the "Lite FM" at the time and had TV ads featuring a glowing triangle similar in appearance to the Interocitor screen. Mike also mimics the voice in these ads.
  • "Your in-flight movie is Fearless!"
Fearless is a film about traumatized survivors of a commercial plane crash.
  • "Oh, there's gonna be a Mary Kay convention too, so it's gonna be kind of weird."
The hotel that hosted ConventioCon ExpoFest-A-Rama (the first MST3K convention) in 1994 was also hosting a convention for Mary Kay Cosmetics at the same time, which resulted in some rather odd interactions between attendees of the two conventions.
  • "What's this 'and the rest' crap?!"
Russell Johnson played The Professor on Gilligan's Island. The "And the rest" is a reference to the first season's opening song, which referred The Professor and Mary Ann not by name, but only as "And the rest...". Later seasons changed the lyrics to include the two characters.
  • "So Professor, you made this car entirely out of bamboo, huh?" and "His coffin will be made entirely of coconuts."
More references to Russell Johnson's role as The Professor and his ability to construct unlikely gadgets from locally available materials.
  • "You two are beginning a strange journey." "Mawwiage!"
Crow is imitating the priest with the speech impediment from The Princess Bride.
  • "Oh they're flying into a Roger Dean album cover."
  • "Yeah they're really into Yes on this planet."
Roger Dean is a British-born artist whose work consists of both surreal and organic imagery with heavy sci-fi/fantasy elements. Yes is one of the many bands for which he has illustrated album covers.
  • "Ow, I fell on my keys!"
One of Gene Wilder's memorable quotes from the 1967 Mel Brooks comedy The Producers.

Memorable Quotes

Servo: Dum-da-dum-dum-dum... oh, hello Mike! Everything working fine on the ol' Satellite of Love? No problems or mishaps today?
Mike: Nope, everything appears to be nominal.
Servo: Ah, nominal! Good! Good! So I guess you're not wondering what that rhythmic pounding might be?
Mike: [listens] Yeah, what is that?
Servo: Yeah, what is that? I'm a highly sophisticated robot, Mike, and I've got to tell you, this isn't normal. Something's causing this, Mike. Now, let's see... I'm here, you're here, Gypsy's here...
Mike: Okay, Tom. Where's Crow?
Servo: Where's Crow? Well, I wasn't supposed to say anything, but I did see the little moron heading to the basement with a pick-axe in his hands!
[Crow breaches the satellite's hull as he tries to escape, causing the air to be sucked out]
Crow: Whoa, I didn't expect this!
Servo: Attaining... maximum RPM... adjust pitch and yaw thrusters... stabilize! There, that ought to— [gets sucked towards hole] AAAAAAAAAAH!!!
. . .
Crow: Well, this is confusing! Mike, could you hand me my calculations?
[a wad of paper is blown across the bay and hits Crow in the face]
Crow: Thank you! Huh, would you look at that: "Breach Hull - All Die"! Even had it underlined!
. . .
[Servo lands right-side up on the hole]
Servo: Hey, I'm experiencing a sensation altogether new to me, and frankly... I LOVE IT!
. . .
[Crow explains his unsuccessful attempt to burrow a way out of the Satellite of Love]
Crow: Believe me, Mike, I calculated the odds of this succeeding against the odds I was doing something incredibly stupid… and I went ahead anyway.
Dr. Forrester: Now, prepare yourself for... oh, but before I start the experiment... did you... y'know, go?
Mike, Crow, Servo: [dejected] Yes...
Dr. Forrester: Because I don't want to have to stop the movie for... y'know...
Mike, Crow, Servo: You won't...
Dr. Forrester: Then, prepare yourself for This Island Earth!
[Alarm blares]
Mike: Oh, we got Movie Sign!
[Universal International credit appears on screen, as well as a globe-like Earth]
Crow: It's the nicest weather Earth has ever had!
Mike: Notice how big Japan is?
[Universal International credit appears on screen]
Mike: Isn't the fact that it's Universal make it International?
["This Island Earth" appears on the screen]
Servo: This Island Earth can be yours if The Price is Right!
[during the opening credits]
Crow: Boy, the universe is really cruisin'!
Servo: Hey, there's Taurus the bull!
Mike: And over there's the Constellation Feces.
Crow: Oh, look. Orion is bankrupt.
Servo: When in California, be sure to visit beautiful...
[the words "Washington, D.C." appear on screen]
Servo: ...oh.
Crow: [as golf announcer] It's a long, Par 5 on the way to the nation's capital.
Mike: Washingtonland, the new Disney theme park!
[the camera pans over a shot of a snow-capped mountain range]
Servo: Oh jeez, there's soccer teams laying all over the place!
[Joe running up the communications tower stairs]
Mike [As Joe]: "Put the men's room in the tower..." WHAT was I thinking!?!
[Meacham's plane, engines out, is coasting into a crash landing when it is suddenly suffused with a mysterious green glow]
Mike [as Meacham]: Suddenly I have a refreshing mint flavor.
Servo: Early LSD tests in the Air Force.
[Joe running towards the Jeep]
Crow: Into the Weenie Mobile! WEENIE MAN AWAY!
[in the lab, through a viewport, we see a rectangular metal slab suspended above a squat, boxy metal coil]
Mike: Oh, yeah. This is when science didn't have to have any specific purpose.
Dr. Meacham: Lowering the cylinder.
Servo [as Meacham]: Inserting the breakfast pastry.
Crow [as Narrator]: [darkly] The secret government Eggo project.
Servo [as Meacham]: Contact Dr. Jemima!
Mike [as Meacham]: God, I love the blueberry ones best.
[Meacham flips a switch. The toaster-like coil starts to red with heat, and we hear a pinging sound.]
Dr. Meacham: Increase the rate of reaction.
Servo [as Meacham]: Start warming the syrup!
Mike [as Meacham]: Yum!
[Cal and Joe play with some knobs and dials; the "toaster" emits loud grinding noises]
Dr. Meacham: Check rate of radioactive decay.
Crow [as Meacham]: Increase the Flash Gordon noises and put more science stuff around.
. . .
[at the end of the experiment, the toaster object blows up]
Mike [as Meacham/Morrison]: Oh, my God! My waffle! Oh, the humanity!
[a loud beeping noise follows post-explosion]
Mike: Fries are up!
Joe: Here's something my wife could use around the house.
Crow: A man?
Meacham: This isn't paper. It's some sort of metal.
Crow [as Joe]: No, sir. That's paper!
[Dr. Meacham and Joe have just unpacked the parts to the Interocitor]
Tom Servo: But before unpacking - D'OH!
Meacham: There are 2,486 parts.
[Joe is stepping around the spread out Interocitor parts; Crow makes a loud crunching sound]
Crow [as Joe]: Uh, 485, sir!
[as Joe walks around the parts, Crow keeps making crunching noises with every step Joe takes]
Joe: Where do we start?
Meacham: Right here. [points towards strange symbol on blueprint]
Mike [as Meacham]: At Goofy Clown Face!
Joe: You know what my kids would say...
Mike: [interrupting] "You're not my real father!"
Joe: "Dig this crazy, mixed-up plumbing!"
Meacham: Plug it in, Joe.
Mike: Doesn't even have any kids. Poor, deluded Joe.
Exeter: My name is Exeter.
Mike [as Exeter]: Doug Exeter.
Exeter: Stand aside, please. You too, Dr. Wilson.
Servo [as Exeter]: No, farther towards the killzone, please!
Crow [as Exeter]: Yeah, God I'm good!
[Meacham notices the plug for the Interocitor]
Servo [as Meacham]: Dear God, I left the iron plugged in!
[Meacham rushes over to unplug the Interocitor, which starts sparking, causing him to lose balance; Joe rushes over to help him up]
Crow [as Joe]: Oh, come here, you big, dumb dope!
[the Interocitor is now ablaze]
Servo: Quick, get the baking soda!
Mike: Boy, the landlady's going to be mad!
Servo [as landlady]: [imitates knocking noise] Are you boys cooking up there?!
Mike: No!
Servo [as landlady]: Are you building an Interocitor?!
Mike: [casually] No!
[Meacham pushes a microphone-like Geiger counter probe toward the Interocitor wreckage]
Mike [as Meacham]: Now that you've exploded, any words for our listeners?
[Cal's plane landing at the meeting point in a rural field]
Crow: Huh... They're forcing him to visit Branson, Missouri.
[Cal exits the plane and surveys the rural setting]
Mike: So the aliens live in "Hooterville?"
[Brack enters the scene]
Mike: Hey, Charlie Rich!
Crow: He goes through a lot of Brylcreem.
[Brack enters the elevator, looking sternly at Meacham and Adams]
Crow [as Adams]: Don't mention his head.
Exeter: Dr. Meacham! Good morning!
Meacham: Good morning.
Exeter: Please, come in. Both of you.
Servo [as Exeter]: We're glad you could join us at the Buddy Ebsen society!
Carlson: Dr. Adams.
Ruth: Yes Steve?
Mike [as Carlson]: What's this "and the rest" crap?
Meacham: What I want to know is...
Exeter: [interrupting] Who we are... why we're here.
Servo [as Exeter]: And why I have a picture of a burger on the wall.
Adams: Be careful. Exeter could flatter you to death.
Exeter: The truth is never flattering, Dr. Adams.
Servo [as Exeter]: You fine, foxy lady!
[Exeter and his "team" are having an elegant dinner, complete with music by Mozart]
Meacham: What do you think of Mr. Mozart, Exeter?
Exeter: I'm afraid I don't know the gent—
Servo [as Exeter]: I'm not an alien!
Exeter: My mind must have been wandering. Your composer, of course.
Meacham: Our composer? He belongs to the world.
Exeter: Yes, indeed.
Mike [as Exeter]: I'm not an alien.
. . .
Exeter: We won't start cracking the whip on Meacham until tomorrow.
Servo [as Exeter]: Then I ram my ovipositor down your throat and lay my eggs in your chest — but I'm not an alien!
[Meacham, Adams, and Carlson looking at sketches of Exeter and Brack]
Carlson: Did you notice the peculiar indentations in both of their foreheads?
Servo: [sarcastically] NO!!!
Mike: So, they're going to escape under the cover of afternoon in the biggest car in the county?
[Meacham, Adams, and Carlson dive down a road at high speeds]
Crow: Ness and his men speed towards Capone's hideout!
[three Metalunans are seen in the conversion tubes]
Crow: Ladies and gentlemen, A Flock of Seagulls.
[on board Exeter's spaceship, Cal and Ruth stand on a "conversion" platform]
Exeter: Place your hands above the rails.
[we hear the sound of static as the scientists' hands are suddenly pulled onto the rails]
Exeter: They're magnetized.
Mike [as Exeter]: And if your hands were metal, that would mean something.
Exeter: That's enough. Normal view.
Mike, Servo, and Crow: [singing in time with the dramatic music] Nor-mal view. Nor-mal view! Nor-mal view! NOR-MAL VIEWWWWWW!
Servo [as Exeter]: I LOVE YOU!
Meacham: [picks up boulder] Stand back, Exeter!
Exeter: Meacham, please! You have to believe me!
Mike [as Exeter]: You're holding a Mutant turd!
[Adams, Meacham and Exeter running through the Metalunan ruins]
Servo [as Exeter]: You know, I swear we parked on level 'C' right next to... [they run into the Mutant] ...Oh, SH**!!
Exeter: [to the Mutant] Stand back. I command you, STAND BACK!
Crow [as Exeter]: Well, that went well. I can't possibly think of what could go...
[the Mutant attacks Exeter, Crow mimics screams of pain]
[Meacham starts beating on the Mutant's exposed brain]
[the wounded Mutant approaching Ruth's tube trying to get her]
Crow [as the Mutant "wooing" Ruth]: Shall I compare thee to a summer's da... [suddenly collapses] ...ooohhhhh.
Servo [as the Mutant trying to get back up]: OK... ease up... rise above it...
Mike [doing his Rocky impersonation for the Mutant]: You gotta cut me Mick... cut me!
Crow [as Ruth]: Oh, Carl.
Servo [as Meacham]: Uh, Cal.
Crow [as Ruth]: ...oh, Cal.
Ruth: Home...
Meacham: Thank God it's still here.
Crow: And Friday!
Crow: [talking about the Puppet Wrangler credit for Mystery Science Theater 3000] "Puppet Wrangler"? There weren't any puppets in this movie!
[the name "Rando Schmook" appears in the credits]
Mike: Hey, it's the Amazing Rando!
Servo: Watch Rando the Great construct sets with his very mind!
Crow [as Rando]: Now, we've never met before, have we?
[the name "Julie Walker" appears]
Crow: Julie Walker: Texas Ranger.
[credit for Eastman Film]
Servo: Eastman: He came out of the east to do battle with the Amazing Rando!
[credits end with "all rights reserved"]
Mike: All rights are reserved, Callahan!
Crow [as Clint Eastwood]: Oh yeah? Well, what about the rights of that little girl?

Behind the scenes

MST3K cast

John Brady as Benkitnorf

Production notes

The "amped-up" remix of the theme song done for the movie trailer is by popular comedian and long-time MST3K friend Dave (Gruber) Allen. Cinematography was done by Jeff Stonehouse.


  • Mike can be seen reading an issue of Satellite News in the opening host segment.
  • TV's Frank's face appears on one of the doors in the door sequence.
  • At ninety minutes, each episode of the television series is actually longer than the movie runs (73 minutes).
  • A brief look into Servo's room

    SOL's "Metalunan mixer"

    MST3K: TM was released in a number of non-English-speaking countries, including Brazil [1], Thailand [2], the Netherlands [3], Spain, Finland, Italy [4] and Germany. The German version was translated by comedian Oliver Kalkofe, who in many cases rewrote riffs to replace American-centric cultural references with references that would be more familiar to a German audience. The Brazilian version was retitled O Filme Mais Idiota do Mundo ("The Most Idiotic Movie in the World").
  • When Universal originally released the movie, they thought that a limited release in a select group of "college towns" (where they believed MST3K was most appreciated) over a longer period of time would lead to a box office bonanza and keep it from having to compete with the early summer blockbusters like Twister and Mission: Impossible. Instead, very few fans of the show were even aware that the movie had been released and the film languished in relative obscurity throughout the spring and early summer. This was the first (and last) time that Universal attempted such a plan.

    The SOL crew riff their own credits

  • At one point while the characters are adjusting the Interocitor, Crow quips, "Oh, PLEASE, let us get Sci-Fi, oh please, oh please, oh please!" At the time, the production company Best Brains was negotiating a deal to air on the Sci-Fi Channel.
  • The TV show's usual density of gags was reduced for theatrical audiences, so that a larger number of people laughing wouldn't cause too much dialogue to be missed.
  • The makers of MST3K were so annoyed by their experiences having to work within a major studio on this film that they later parodied the experience on the TV series. In episode 704: The Incredible Melting Man the host segments are about Crow's screenplay being purchased by a studio then ruined by the executives (Dr. Forrester and Mother Forrester) as they vainly try to shoot it and screen it for audiences. Series writer and star Mary Jo Pehl would later call the episode an "exercise in healing" after the ordeal of MST3K: The Movie.
  • By many accounts, making the movie was not a happy experience for the filmmakers, due to frequent studio interference. Years later, at a cast reunion appearance in New York City, Trace Beaulieu was asked what the worst movie featured on MST3K was. His reply was, "Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie".
  • Most of the puppeteering for Gypsy was done by Patrick Brantseg (who would later take over both the puppeteering and voice partway through season 8 of the TV series) and the voice was dubbed in later by Jim Mallon. This was so Mallon could focus on directing the scene rather than operating the puppet.
  • Unusually for the series, Forrester has no sidekick in this film. Thus, it is likely set between Seasons 6 and 7, as TV's Frank permanently died at the end of the former and Pearl took his place at the beginning of the latter.
  • In 2020, Trace Beaulieu and Kevin Murphy talked about their experience making the film on an episode of Jonah Ray's podcast Let Me Watch Your Movie with You.
  • The website existed for a brief time in 1996 as a promotional site for this film. Launched by Universal Studios, the site's address appeared in the movie's print ads in newspapers and magazines.[1] Designed by Digital Café, was the first "official" MST3K website and featured a downloadable screensaver and a Quicktime VR file of Crow T. Robot which were later reused on the Sci-Fi Channel's years later. The site also featured downloadable clips and trailers in the small video formats which existed at the time. The site fell offline as the promotional efforts for the film wound down, and the domain was later acquired by the Sci-Fi Channel and used as an alternate domain redirecting to their MST3K content.

Deleted Scenes

A production still of one of the deleted scenes

The original film featured an additional host segment and a completely different ending:

  • In the cut segment, often called "The Storm Shelter Sequence", the movie is interrupted by a sudden meteor shower. The crew flees to the SOL's storm shelter, only to have the air supply damaged by one of the meteors. Mike begins to asphyxiate (Crow: "So what? Who needs air?" Mike: (annoyed) "I do."), and the Bots panic. Servo summons up his courage to help Mike by pushing the button to restart the air by launching himself full-tilt at it with his hoverskirt. Mike is saved, the storm passes, and the gang returns to the theater at Dr. F's insistence.

    Deleted Scene

  • The original ending shows Mike's plan to get back at Dr. F for This Island Earth. Dr. F appears in the Hexfield Viewscreen seeking out the crew for groveling. Only Servo is present; he distracts Dr. F with flattery while Mike, Gypsy, and Crow bring the Interociter out of Tom's room. Mike hooks Gypsy's tubing from the Interocitor to the Hexfield, Crow dumps out the last survivor of his ant farm, and the crew Interocicizes it, turning Debbie the ant into Scrotor, the alien from the movie (played by Jef Maynard). The tube sends Scrotor into Deep 13, where he vanquishes Dr. F and leaves to get a Hollywood agent. The crew celebrates their victory until they realize Crow is missing. He's back down in the bottom of the ship with the chainsaw he found earlier in Servo's room...

German dub

In 1997, the film was dubbed into German, with a script by Oliver Kalkofe, Oliver Welke & Heike Kospach


  • Tom Servo - Oliver Kalkofe
  • Mike Nelson - Andreas Liebold
  • Crow T. Robot - Oliver Welke
  • Gypsy - Sabine Bulthaup
  • Dr. Clayton Forrester - Asso Richter
  • Ben Kitnors - Oliver Kalkofe

Video Releases

The film has been released several times on video:

  • Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie was released on VHS by MCA/Universal Home Video to rental outlets on October 1, 1996.
  • The film was released for retail sales on April 8, 1997 on both VHS and Laserdisc formats.
  • The film was released on DVD in 1998 by Image Entertainment, as a discount title with an MSRP of $14.99.
  • The German dub was released on DVD on April 6, 2006 with several extras including:
    • Wie Alles Begann, a making-of feature from 1997
    • 8 Jahre Später, a look back on the production
    • The original German trailer for The Movie
    • A second disc with This Island Earth, under its German title, Metaluna 4 Antwortwt Nicht ("Metaluna 4 Doesn't Respond")
    • Audio tracks for both films in English and German
  • Universal re-released the DVD on May 6, 2008. The film is in anamorphic widescreen, and includes an upgraded Dolby Digital 5.1 soundtrack, and English subtitles, a first for an MST3K DVD
  • On September 3, 2013 Shout! Factory released a Blu-ray/DVD combo pack Collector's Edition of the film with the following extras:
    • New animated menus by Dave Long[2]
    • The Making of Mystery Science Theater 3000 The Movie
    • Mystery Science Theater 3000 The Movie: The Motion Picture Odyssey *
    • This Island Earth: 2 1/2 Years in the Making *
    • Deleted scenes
    • Theatrical trailer
    • Double-sided cover (side A done in the style of the box set slim cases, side B in the style of the single disc re-releases)

* A Ballyhoo Motion Pictures documentary


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