Nummy Muffin CooCool Butter (often written as "Nummymuffincoocoolbutter" or simply "Nummy Muffin") is a genetically-engineered dog that appeared in Experiment 605 created by Dr. Forrester to be the cutest pet ever. Dr. Forrester's intentions were to unleash it's cuteness upon humanity in an attempt to rule the world, after testing it on Mike and the bots of course. He described Nummy's cuteness level as "It Outruns the kitty cat, runs circles around the Easter Bunny, and makes Snuggles the Fabric-Softening Bear look like Penn Jillette." Nummy's best friend is TV's Frank.


TV's Frank

Frank and Nummy loved each other. When Nummy was sent to the The Satellite of Love, Frank was devastated, singing about it in "Nummy Muffin CooCool Butter". Frank and Nummy missed each other so much, they grew ill, only recovering after being reunited.

Mike Nelson

Mike quickly took a liking to Nummy after the dog was sent to him by Dr. Forrester. He was in awe of the cuteness so much, he didn't notice the dog's constant shedding. However, Mike ultimately did what was right, and sent back down Nummy, returning the dog to Frank.

Dr. Forrester

Nummy was created by Dr. Forrester in an attempt to rule the world by making everyone so relaxed by the cuteness, they wouldn't even notice him taking over. By the end of the episode, Dr. Forrester seemed to have taking a liking to the dog, playing with him alongside Frank.


  • Nummy was never seen again after this episode, leaving many fans to speculate his fate.
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