"Oh, I Am Sad" is a song sung by Mike Nelson during Experiment #1002.


[Cambot pans up to the window of the ship, where rain appears to be falling, Mike is playing guitar, like the sad-sack Critter in the movie]

Your limbs are slender, your eyes are blue
Your hair is blonde, your lips, the way they're red
Your skin, your fingers, your ears, your nose
Your touch, your feet... I am sad

[Crow fades in, and we can see a small fire in the background]

Crow: Uh, Mike, the, uh, water there, it got into a fuse box, there's a small fire. Uh, that's ok, we'll get it.

[Crow fades out]

Ohhhhhh, I need you so much I fall down and cry...

[Crow fades in with a larger fire in the background]

Crow: Uh, Mike, look... I'll wait.

Your smile, your eyes, you're like wine...

Crow (worried): Mike, the fire's a little worse than we thought, it must've gotten into some insulation or something... uh, oh boy....

[Crow fades out]

I woo many ladies, they are fair ladies all...

[Crow fades in, the fire getting bigger]]

Crow (scared): Mike, what we need you to do is move out of that part of the ship!

[Crow fades out]

Raindrops and snowflakes and puppies...

[Crow fades in with Servo who is wearing a fireman's helmet, both of them charred and a raging fire in the background]

Crow (terrified yelling): Mike would you forget about the raindrops and the puppies and GET OUT! Life support is failing, decks 3 through 7 are gone! Oh my God, SERVO LOOK OUT!!!!

[Crow fades out while they both scream]

I love your eyes, they're like wine, yes wine, I'm so sad, I feel like rain...

[Crow fades in, blackened with a lot of smoke in the background]

Crow: Uh, yeah Mike, we got it. (cough) There's still a lot of smoke and water down here, but as far as we know it's out. Look, we're gonna make some nachos, ok?

[Crow fades out]

Mike: Nachos?! Be right there!

[Mike runs off, the music and Mike's vocal still playing as commercial sign goes off]

Ohhh, ohh... oh... (gulp) ohhhh.

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