I couldn't write "The Farmer in the Dell" today.
- Jeff

Once Upon a Honeymoon is a 1956 American short musical fantasy film. It was sponsored by Bell Telephone to promote the newly-introduced colored telephone sets that were marketed as a better complement of modern home decor of the time. The Western Electric Model 500 desk telephone and the Model 554 wall telephone are featured in a variety of colors.


In Heaven, the Angel Chief has called a conference on Cloud 7 to talk about a newly married couple, Jeff and Mary. They have been trying to go on honeymoon but are repeatedly forced to postpone due to Jeff's work commitments as a songwriter. The couple's guardian angel Wilbur is sent to Earth to help Jeff write a new song for an upcoming musical so the couple can finally leave on their honeymoon.

While Jeff struggles to write a new song, Mary daydreams about new home decor and appliances. With the help of Wilbur, Mary imagines what it would be like to have the latest household products, including telephones provided by Bell. Wilbur then helps Jeff compose a new song, allowing the couple to finally leave on their much-anticipated honeymoon.

Known Cast[]

  • Virginia Gibson as Mary
  • Ward Ellis as Jeff
  • Alan Mowbray as Gordon
  • Chick Chandler as Wilbur
  • Veronica Pataky as Sonya
  • Russell Hicks as Angel Chief


  • Clips from this short were shown in "The Telephone" episode of The Secret Life of Machines.
  • In addition to his on-camera work, Ward Ellis was also the creator and choreographer for the musical group The Doodletown Pipers.
  • This was the final screen role of Veronica Pataky.
  • Once Upon a Honeymoon is also the title of a 1942 film starring Cary Grant and Ginger Rogers.

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