Ortega? Ooh, that's pretty.
  — Pearl on Public Pearl

Ortega was the silent henchman from the movie featured in experiment #812, The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed-Up Zombies. In a host segment, Ortega (played by Paul Chaplin) appeared as a caterer on the Satellite of Love, where he had an unpleasant encounter with Mike Nelson.

Ortega later became a recurring character, making brief cameos in subsequent episodes. In Agent for H.A.R.M. Ortega appeared as a character witness during Mike’s trial, though his (incomprehensible) testimony was damning.

During Overdrawn at the Memory Bank, Ortega was seen answering the phone at the Public Pearl TV pledge drive, for which he was compensated.

In The Pumaman, Ortega and his cousin Staci were guests at Brain Guy’s get-together in Castle Forrester. He is apparently a fan of Sliders.


  • The similarities between Ortega and Torgo were the subject of some fan discussion when Incredibly Strange Creatures first aired.
    Ortega 2

    Paul Chaplin as Ortega (right).

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