Phineas Tiberius (P.T.) Mindslap is the proprietor of the Great Space Circus.

Mindslap visited the SOL and Moon 13 during Experiment #1112 - Carnival Magic. He wanted to invite Jonah and the Bots to his circus and sung about the multitudes of amazing performances that took place within the pitch-black interior of his spaceship (so that nobody could actually see that the acts were completely imaginary).

Though the song was impressive, Kinga Forrester saw through Mindslap's scam and exposed his real plan to put Jonah and the Bots to work selling overpriced concessions. She then told him that only she gets to enslave her test subjects and no one else. Angry, Mindslap vowed that he would return and flew away.


  • The initials P.T. were apparently inspired by well-known American showman P.T. Barnum. Barnum's full name was Phineas Taylor Barnum. Mindslap's middle name of Tiberius may be a reference to the middle name of Captain James Tiberius Kirk of the original Star Trek.
  • Mindslap's communication device allowed him to be in contact with both the Satellite of Love and Moon 13 at the same time. It is not clear how he accomplished this.
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