The Ambassador Phantom of the Planet Krankor (aka the "Phantom of Krankor" or, to Mike and the Bots, simply "Krankor") is an evil dictator and attempted conqueror of Earth in the film used during Experiment #816 - Prince of Space. While claiming to be ruler of his planet due to his scientific achievements, Phantom is frequently outwitted and suffers endless defeats at the hand of the hero Prince of Space. As befitting his supervillain status, Phantom has a trademark laugh after making grandiose claims of conquest. Mike and the Bots frequently compare "Krankor" to a chicken, an image which is evoked by his bird-like laugh, costume and beak-like nose.


Phantom of Krankor as he appears in Prince of Space

Following the viewing of the film, "Krankor" appeared aboard the Satellite of Love, apparently at the request of Mike, who wanted to mess with the Bots. Krankor quickly turned towards grandiose claims of conquest of the SOL, only to be defeated when Mike shouted at him to leave.

Some time later, after the conclusion of Experiment #819 - Invasion of the Neptune Men, Krankor returned a final time on much more friendly terms to rescue Mike & the Bots from the depths of despair by reminding them of the good times they had had.

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