Phil Tucker (1927-1985) was a film director who gained lasting notoriety for his work on Robot Monster.

Prior to arriving in Hollywood, Tucker had made a series of cheap sexploitation films while living in Fairbanks, Alaska. With this experience under his belt, he traveled south to make the film most associated with his name. In spite of the largely hostile critical reception, Robot Monster proved to be financially successful. But Tucker never saw a penny of it, as his backers reneged on paying him his share of the profits. These factors caused him to sink into a depression. When he was unable to find employment even as a theater usher, he composed what amounted to a suicide note, which he sent to to a local paper. A reporter dispatched to his hotel found him unconscious, having taken an overdose of sleeping pills. He was rushed to an emergency hospital and recommited to the V.A. psychopathic ward. After a few more directorial efforts, Tucker switched to working in television as an associate producer. [1]

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