Pitch is a demon who was sent to Earth to destroy the spirit of Christmas by tempting a little Mexican girl named Lupita in the film Santa Claus, used in episode 521.

In the episode's final host segment, Pitch (now played by Paul Chaplin) visited Deep 13, where he impressed Dr. Forrester and TV's Frank with his plans to "engulf the world in darkness" after lying low for the holiday season. Santa Claus (played by Kevin Murphy) then arrived to fight with Pitch, at which point Frank pushed the button.

Pitch made a brief appearance in Deep 13 when Mike decided to do an Urkel impression during Experiment #614 San Francisco International. His quarrel with Santa Claus was apparently resolved, as the two laughed heartily together.

Pitch was one of the guests in Deep 13 featured in the Turkey Day version of Night of the Blood Beast. He was poisoned by Pearl Forrester along with several of the other attendees.

Pitch appeared again in the host segments of experiment 818, Devil Doll, trying to make an honest living by selling "Devil Dolls" door-to-door (or some approximation thereof that accounts for his presence on a wayward satellite). Mike walked in on Crow making a deal with the devil ("A devil, actually; name's Pitch!") and demands that he leave. Pitch leaves his card and invites Crow to call him back when Mike isn't around.

Later in Devil Doll, Pitch returns, teaching Crow the art of soul transference. Servo's soul proves remarkably easy to transfer into a wooden mockup of himself, then later into a toaster strudel with shapely legs.

Pitch is the only movie character from the Comedy Central years to make appearances in Sci Fi era host segments.