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"He's got Bette Davis eyes"

A trio of poachers travel deep into a foggy forest, searching for game. One of them stumbles across a dark cave filled with huge eggs. Smashing them, he irritates an unknown creature who quickly kills him. Angered, the creature begins to go on a destructive rampage.

Elsewhere, a group of young people takes a break from recording music to travel by RV to the area for a camping trip.

Meanwhile, Tommy, a little boy with a lot of pets, finds the lone survivor of the egg-related carnage in the cave and decides to bring it home. It hatches, and the creature, whom Tommy names Trumpy, is born and eats lots of food.

The other alien travels through the forest until she finds the band, and pushes a groupie off a small cliff. Critically injured, the other band members take her to Tommy's house, where she eventually dies from her injuries. In Tommy's room, Trumpy demonstrates his ability to do "magic things", and creates a bizarre extravaganza with his eyes.


"Zestfully dead"

A band member and Tommy's uncle Bill travel to a ranger station in an attempt to use the radio, but they find the other alien and the corpse of a poacher. The band member is felled by the monster but Bill escapes. The alien gets back to the house faster and attacks another band member in the RV. Tommy witnesses the event through his telescope and believes that Trumpy is responsible for the mayhem. Everyone decides it's safer to stay in the cabin for the night, but the extraterrestrial follows them inside and kills another band member when she takes a shower.

Podpeople film 3

Making music?

Tommy unsuccessfully tries to sneak Trumpy out of the house, but he's caught by his mother, who grabs a rifle and tries to shoot Trumpy. Tommy and Trumpy flee into the foggy woods, and everybody else pursues him.

Trumpy and his mom finally meet one another before she's gunned down. Tommy leaves Trumpy in the woods and goes back home with his mother and the two surviving band members before the credits roll.


  • Ian Sera as Rick
  • Nina Ferrer as Sharon
  • Susana Bequer as Lara Stapleton
  • Sara Palmer as Kathy
  • Oscar Martin as Tommy Stevens
  • Maria Albert as Tracy
  • Emilio Linder as Brian
  • Concha Cuetos as Molly Stevens
  • Manuel Pereiro as Bill Stevens
  • Frank Brana as Burt
  • William Anton as Matt Collins
  • George Stover (uncredited)


  • This was originally intended as a low-budget horror movie about an evil alien on the prowl. However, in an attempt to capitalize on the success of E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, the producers demanded script changes at the last minute, adding elements including a child and another, more lovable and cute alien to serve as a playmate (hence one alternate title for the movie, Extra Terrestrial Visitors). The film's director Juan Piquer Simón was not satisfied with the final result.
  • Tommy's bedroom set was previously used as the bedroom in another Juan Piquer Simon film Pieces.
  • Pod People was released by Film Ventures International, and uses footage from an unrelated movie as background for the opening credits, as was the practice with most FVI films. In this case, the footage shown during the movie's opening credits was taken from the 1985 film The Galaxy Invader, which would later be used by RiffTrax as a Video On Demand feature.
  • A widely-circulated rumor which claimed that the script was submitted to Steven Spielberg as a sequel to E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial is false.
  • This film was originally filmed in French and Spanish, and the actors learned both languages. It premiered in France before Spain.
  • The title of the song the band records is "Hear the Engines Roar Now" according to a lyric sheet provided here (though there is a discrepancy between the title of the song and the lyrics provided).
  • The T-shirt that the recording engineer is wearing says "I'm A Virgin", but underneath that, in much smaller letters, it says "Islander", and then "St. Thomas." It was a tourism slogan for the Virgin Islands.

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