Poopie! is the first in a set of the blooper reels from Mystery Science Theater 3000. The outtakes were all taken from host segments running from Season 2 until Season 6.

It was first released on VHS around Thanksgiving 1995 by Best Brains and was originally only availible through the MST3K Info Club for $15. As part of Turkey Day '95, the Brains made a special in a style that parodied many 90's infomercials, the Poopie Parade of Values, to promote both Poopie! and The MST Scrapbook.

Rhino re-released Poopie! under their own label, and later included it as an extra on the Manos: The Hands of Fate DVD.

List of bloopers

Poopie! has 104 individual segments of about 10–20 seconds apiece.

Time Episode Blooper
0:00 Season 1 intro Joel goofs off in front of the "Planet Logo" prop. (Trace: Oh, that's funny.)
0:08 Season 2–5.5 intro Frank bumps into what is originally conceived to be the floating text sign of the Satellite of Love attached to the SOL model. (Kevin: No, it's got to go A LOT faster, man.)
0:20 Season 5.5–6 intro Mike misses his cue a bit. (Mike: I'm not particularly enthused with myself.)
0:37 Poopie title Something is thrown in the background.
0:47 Hercules Against the Moon Men Servo puppet falls over. (Kevin: It's a bugaboo with this one! Sorry! Sorry! He's okay! He's alright! Trace: Pants...Pants...Sing the praises of pants.....)
1:09 Outlaw Servo's head falls off.
1:19 Space Travelers Servo puppet falls over. (Crow: Servo... Kevin: Servo fell apart! Crow: Speak to me...)
1:43 Alien from L.A. Crow's eyes malfunction. (Trace: I'M BLIND! Kevin: Crow's blind! BLIIIIIIIND!; Note: If you watch the actual final skit in that episode, Crow's eyes pop out again right before the end.)

Gamera vs. Barugon

Trace lost control with the Crow puppet. (Kevin: Crow passed out! He has sunstroke! Talk to me, boy!)
2:18 The Violent Years Crow loses his hairnet. (Trace: What the f-*POOPIE!* Kevin: Please, web wrangler, web wrangler.)
2:30 Secret Agent Super Dragon Trace burps. (Kevin: Woah, "el belcherino!" Joel: Speecy spicy, take 22.)
2:43 Radar Secret Service Gypsy's false upper lip falls off.
2:55 Invasion USA Gypsy's false upper lip falls off again while the rest were eating like "animals".
3:08 San Francisco International Jim accidentally busts a joint positioning rod/pin for Gypsy's lower jaw and detaches.
3:21 Radar Secret Service Set-piece falls down onto the easel when Frank tosses off a slide-card and hits the set-piece, knocking it off-balance and tumbling over. (Frank: It is a VERY powerful thing!)
3:44 The Hellcats Line flub (four takes) - Frank keeps laughing.
4:39 Monster A-Go Go Both Trace and Frank bust out laughing.
4:50 The Indestructible Man Frank laughs (two takes).
5:28 Viking Women and the Sea Serpent Joel says "pancakes" when holding a plate of waffles. (Joel: Oh, I blew it! I'm sorry! Kevin: You nut, get outta town! Joel: I'm sorry!)
5:40 Viking Women and the Sea Serpent Joel flubs line and starts speaking gibberish; Kevin and Trace joins in. (Trace: For our friends in foreign lands!)
5:56 Gamera vs Guiron Joel lost track on his line.
6:12 Fugitive Alien Joel messes up his line; says "monkey-tail" instead of "fox-tail". (Kevin: [whispering] HELP US!)
6:30 War of the Colossal Beast Mike laughs, because he can't continue on with his line.
6:45 City Limits Mike kisses Trace's shoulder. (Trace: Later... Later...)
6:55 Manos: The Hands of Fate Mike cracks up upon line delivery; everyone busts out laughing.
7:10 First Spaceship on Venus Everyone busts out laughing because Mike misses his line cue.
7:32 Code Name: Diamond Head Mike laughs, trying to get the right look. (Kevin: It's like the Mentos look.)
7:51 The Sword and the Dragon Kevin loses track on his line and starts to do a little dancing, instead.
8:14 Danger!! Death Ray Mike accidentally pops Crow's eyes out. (Trace: Oh ho! Oedipus!)
8:25 Code Name: Diamond Head Crow's net won't come off when it needs to. (Mike: Holy SHIT is this thing stuck on here!)
8:41 Rocketship X-M "Jim" comes on camera, thinking Joel is going to fall over in his BGC–19 drum-suit.
9:05 The Sinister Urge Trace wasn't able to say his line; he couldn't remember what he was going to say. (Crow: It's coming, it's coming... Servo: Do I hear an idea coming up, yet?)
9:21 Hercules Joel didn't fully remember his line.
9:28 The Sinister Urge Mike loses his line just as he picked up the phone.
9:37 Outlaw of Gor Trace's memory of saying his line fades apart.
9:47 Manos: the Hands of Fate Extended take of Joel and the bots whimpering in pain. (Joel: A little more... Crow: Ugh! Servo: Shut up.)
10:04 Manos: the Hands of Fate Joel wants to do the whimpering take again. (Joel: Let's do that again. I like that. I should just grab ya. Crow: Hey, how about a little sugar for Crow, eh?)
10:19 The Brain that Wouldn't Die Mike screws up his line. (Trace: Get to the part where you PEED!)
10:38 Gamera vs. Gaos A medical lead pops off Trace's head.
10:46 Master Ninja I Frank laughs.
11:00 Teenage Cave Man Trace sprays PAM cooking spray in his mouth. (Crew: [off-screen] Just say no, Trace.)
11:20 Daddy-O Trace forgets the name of the invention until it finally popped back in his head and finally remembers the name. (Trace: I want to know where love is.)
11:39 Teen-Age Crime Wave Trace couldn't remember his line. (Trace: I couldn't think! My... My brain locked up!)
12:09 The Rebel Set Trace lost track of his line and walks off-screen.
12:30 Manos: the Hands of Fate Frank gets a little spaced-out with his line from off-camera.
12:50 The Hellcats Countdown ("3-2-1") confusion.
13:15 Hercules Trace mispronounces a word from his line and speaks in a different voice.
13:25 Hercules Against the Moonmen Prop box gets knocked over, revealing that is from a 1985 Masters of the Universe Spydor toy. Everyone yells "SPIDER!!!!"
13:35 Hercules Against the Moonmen Joel doesn't perform during the take.
13:54 Hercules and the Captive Women Joel rolls a six-sided die and says "three", even though he rolled a six. (Joel: Oh, nine!)
14:12 Outlaw Kevin stops his own line and breaks off-script. (Crow: They all want to be "Fabio'd". Mike: They sure do, but, uh...)
14:32 Zombie Nightmare Prop leaks. (Kevin: Oh, he's leaking! Out of his area!)
14:45 Earth vs the Spider There are some prop issues.
15:03 Sidehackers Joel chuckles a bit at the beginning of the song. (Joel: Sidehackin' is the thing to do, hully hully hully hully racing fools...)
15:31 Fire Maidens of Outer Space Trace messes up his line and speaks gibberish; Kevin and Joel join in.
15:50 Colossus and the Headhunters Trace's hand is visible at the beginning of the scene, adjusting Crow's arm; a female crew-member finally notices the mishap and informs the rest about it. (Trace: Oh, you saw that, huh?)
16:23 Code Name: Diamond Head Trace's black hat visible at lower left during the scene. (Kevin: TRACE! What were you thinking?!)
16:39 Hercules Against the Moonmen Joel flubs a song, letting him and the 'bots say shit.
16:49 The Amazing Colossal Man Joel wonders what are their next lines.
17:02 The Magic Sword Kevin just blew his line.
17:18 Hercules Against the Moonmen Trace flubs a line.
17:27 Alien From L.A. Trace screws his up line.
17:39 12 to the Moon Bridget forgets her line.
17:58 Manos: The Hands of Fate Joel forgot what to do next during his performance as he is unrolling down the blue screen.
18:05 Hercules Trace flubs a line and doesn't know what he is saying.
18:29 The Girl in Lovers Lane Joel tosses basket up and flies wrong.
18:33 The Amazing Colossal Man Joel flubs a line.
18:53 The Indestructible Man Joel does something weird by making a weird face. (Kevin: What was that?! Crew: I don't know!)
19:03 The Skydivers Mike flubs a line as he explains a "double lock jockstrap".
19:28 The Violent Years Theater door does not open exactly on time. (Trace: The... door has to... [door opens] There we go!)
19:37 San Francisco International Trace flubs a line.
19:44 Invasion USA Kevin flubs a line, then makes Mike laugh on the next two takes.
20:00 Colossus and the Headhunters Trace flubs a line when prop hair gets in his mouth. (Trace: I wonder where that came from?)
20:13 Kitten with a Whip Trace's head visible as he's operating Crow. (Interesting note: Trace and both of his characters are in this shot!)
20:27 The Magic Voyage of Sinbad Trace's chinderwear falls off. (Trace: Oh my God, I'm naked.) Trace and Frank then carry on with the scene until Trace tries to join the scratching. (Trace: Here, let me have a go.)
20:58 Bloodlust Trace grabs apple from roast pig's mouth - gets entire pig prop. (Trace: Sorry. Got the whole pig.)
21:10 Mitchell Trace ad libs, laughs.
21:27 The Painted Hills Trace lost track of his line and laughs.
21:42 Radar Secret Service Frank forgets his line.
21:49 Gamera vs Barugon Trace flubs a line.
22:05 The Day the Earth Froze Frank laughs.
22:26 The Brain That Wouldn't Die Prop/Effects failure. (Dr. Forrester: Never mind.)
22:50 Teen-Age Crime Wave Trace misses Frank with spray.
23:01 The Violent Years Frank flubs song. (Trace: [singing] He was a Greek, he was a Jew!)
23:24 Gamera Vs Guiron Frank still has his mouth full of food when it's time for his line.
23:42 Kitten With a Whip Frank misses his cue. (Trace: Oh, sorry! He's not here!)
23:49 Kitten With a Whip Frank says "Y'okay!" instead of "Y'sir!" Frank goes back to his starting position for the next take.
24:01 Zombie Nightmare Frank misses line.
24:22 Santa Claus Conquers the Martians Frank laughs as Trace says "SLEEEEP! In Heavenly PEEEEEAAACE!."
24:33 Attack of the Giant Leeches Frank laughs when Kevin is doing the sucking noise for two takes. (Kevin [as Patches]: Is it me sucking you?! Is that what it is?!)
24:55 The Indestructible Man Trace does wrong voice twice; Frank laughs twice.
25:26 Racket Girls Magazine flies wrong twice.
26:04 The Sword and the Dragon Trace misses the lyrics during the song in the same take TWICE.
26:17 Danger! Death Ray! Extended Scene: Fire on Crow gets a little out of control. (Crow: Oh my God! Well, I'll be in my trailer!)
26:49 Danger! Death Ray! Tom's head falls off.
26:54 Beast of Yucca Flats Mike detaches Crow's hand from his arm. (Mike: ...cuz we. ARE. SOMEBODY! Crow: YEAH! [Mike grimaces at Crows hand] My... hand... MY BLOODY HAND! AAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!)
27:16 Beast of Yucca Flats Bridget misses her line cue.
27:38 Beast of Yucca Flats The boom mike falls into the frame of the shot.
27:46 Samson vs. the Vampire Women The performer is in the shot at the wrong time. (Tom: Well, he should've been down – WHAT ARE YOU DOING THERE?! You scamp! Mike: Hey! Who are you? Crow: You saw him, this time! It's TRUE! Crow: It's a bee-keeper!)
27:57 Little Gold Statue Preview Special Crow's head malfunctions. (Crow: I'm drunk! Oh no!)
28:16 Little Golden Statue Preview Special Trace and Kevin ad lib. (Crow: Well, thank you for the compliment! But I'm hardly a Cray... more of a PC. Servo: Shut up.)
28:32 Racket Girls Frank misses his line.
28:58 Angels Revenge Trace knocks setpiece over as he performs the scene, falling down.
29:21 Last of the Wild Horses Trace flubs line three times; he can't remember what the prop is called. (Crew: MATTER. TRANSFERENCE. DEVICE. Trace: Ooh, it gonna be a long day...)
30:05 The Violent Years Trace ad libs at the end of the song. (Trace: ...Well, that's it. Good night!)

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