Poopie! is a compilation video collecting various bloopers from the producion of Mystery Science Theater 3000. The outtakes were all taken from material produced during Season 2 through Season 6.

It was first released on VHS around Thanksgiving 1995 by Best Brains and was originally only available through the MST3K Info Club for $15. As part of MST3K Anthology (aka Turkey Day '95), the Brains made a special in a style that parodied many 1990s infomercialss, the Poopie Parade of Values, to promote both Poopie! and The MST Scrapbook.

Rhino re-released Poopie! under their own label, and later included it as an extra on the Manos: The Hands of Fate DVD. Shout! Factory re-released it on the 2017 compilation The Complete Poopie!, a bonus disc available with the purchase of Volume XXXIX directly from Shout!.

List of bloopers[]

Poopie! has 104 individual segments of about 10–20 seconds apiece.

Time Episode Blooper
0:00 Season 1 intro Joel goofs off in front of the "Planet Logo" prop. (Trace: Oh, that's funny.)
0:08 Season 2–5.5 intro Frank bumps into what is originally conceived to be the floating text sign of the Satellite of Love attached to the SOL model. (Kevin: No, it's got to go A LOT faster, man.)
0:20 Season 5.5–6 intro Mike misses his cue a bit. (Mike: I'm not particularly enthused with myself.)
0:37 Poopie title Something is thrown in the background.
0:47 Hercules Against the Moon Men Servo puppet falls over. (Kevin: This is a bugaboo, this one! Sorry! Sorry! He's okay! He's alright! Trace: Pants...Pants...Sing the praises of pants.....)
1:09 Outlaw Servo's head falls off.
1:19 Space Travelers Servo puppet falls over. (Crow: Servo... Kevin: Servo fell apart! Crow: Speak to me...)
1:43 Alien from L.A. Crow's eyes malfunction. (Trace: I'M BLIND! Kevin: Crow's blind! BLIIIIIIIND!; Note: If you watch the actual final skit in that episode, Crow's eyes pop out again right before the end.)

Gamera vs. Barugon

Trace loses control of the Crow puppet. (Kevin: Crow passed out! He's got sunstroke! Talk to me, boy!)
2:18 The Violent Years Crow loses his hairnet. (Trace: What the f-*POOPIE!* Kevin: Please, web wrangler, web wrangler.)
2:30 Secret Agent Super Dragon Trace burps. (Kevin: Whoa! "El belcherino!" Joel: Speecy spicy, take 22.)
2:43 Radar Secret Service Gypsy's false upper lip falls off.
2:55 Invasion USA Gypsy's false upper lip falls off again while the rest of the characters are eating like "animals".
3:08 San Francisco International Jim accidentally busts a joint positioning rod/pin for Gypsy's lower jaw, which detaches.
3:21 Radar Secret Service Set-piece falls down onto the easel when Frank tosses off a slide-card and hits the set-piece, knocking it off-balance and tumbling over. (Frank: It is a VERY powerful thing!)
3:44 The Hellcats Line flub (four takes) - Frank keeps laughing.
4:39 Monster A-Go Go Both Trace and Frank bust out laughing.
4:50 The Indestructible Man Frank laughs (two takes).
5:28 Viking Women and the Sea Serpent Joel says "pancakes" when holding a plate of waffles. (Joel: Oh, I blew it! I'm sorry! Kevin: You nut, get outta town! Joel: I'm sorry!)
5:40 Viking Women and the Sea Serpent Joel flubs line and starts speaking gibberish; Kevin and Trace joins in. (Trace: For our friends in foreign lands! Joel: Fine and suitable side dish.)
5:56 Gamera vs Guiron Joel loses track of his line.
6:12 Fugitive Alien Joel messes up his line; says "monkey-tail" instead of "fox-tail". (Kevin: [whispering] HELP US!)
6:30 War of the Colossal Beast Mike laughs, because he can't continue on with his line.
6:45 City Limits Mike kisses Trace's shoulder. (Trace: Later... Later...)
6:55 Manos: The Hands of Fate Mike cracks up upon line delivery; everyone busts out laughing.
7:10 First Spaceship on Venus Everyone busts out laughing because Mike misses his line cue.
7:32 Code Name: Diamond Head Mike laughs, trying to get the right look. (Kevin: It's like the Mentos look.)
7:51 The Sword and the Dragon Kevin loses track on his line and starts dancing instead.
8:14 Danger!! Death Ray Mike accidentally pops Crow's eyes out. (Trace: Oh ho, agghhh! Oedipus!)
8:25 Code Name: Diamond Head Crow's net won't come off when it needs to. (Mike: Holy SHIT is this thing stuck on here!)
8:41 Rocketship X-M Jim comes on camera, thinking Joel is going to fall over in the BGC–19 drum-suit.
9:05 The Sinister Urge Trace wasn't able to say his line; he couldn't remember what he was going to say. (Crow: Wait, it's coming... Servo: Did I hear an idea coming out?)
9:21 Hercules Joel didn't fully remember his line.
9:28 The Sinister Urge Mike loses his line just as he picked up the phone.
9:37 Outlaw of Gor Trace's memory of saying his line fades apart.
9:47 Manos: the Hands of Fate Extended take of Joel and the bots whimpering in pain. (Joel: A little more... Crow: Ugh! Servo: Oh, shut up.)
10:04 Manos: the Hands of Fate Joel wants to do the whimpering take again. (Joel: Let's do that again. I like that. I should just grab ya. Crow: Hey, how about a little sugar for Crow, eh?)
10:19 The Brain that Wouldn't Die Mike screws up his line. (Trace: Get to the part where you PEE!)
10:38 Gamera vs. Gaos A medical lead pops off Trace's head, and Frank laughs
10:46 Master Ninja I Frank laughs.
11:00 Teenage Cave Man

Trace sprays PAM cooking spray in his mouth. (Crew: [off-screen] Just say no, Trace.)

This appears to be an extended take. If one watches the episode closely, you can briefly see Trace go for the PAM spray before the scene changes.

11:20 Daddy-O Trace forgets the name of the invention until it finally popped back in his head and finally remembers the name. (Trace: I want to know where love is.)
11:39 Teen-Age Crime Wave Trace couldn't remember his line. (Trace: I couldn't think! My... My brain locked up!)
12:09 The Rebel Set Trace lost track of his line and walks off-screen.
12:30 Manos: the Hands of Fate Frank gets a little spaced-out with his line from off-camera.
12:50 The Hellcats Countdown ("3-2-1") confusion.
13:15 Hercules Trace mispronounces a word from his line and speaks in a different voice. (Trace: Don't we, mista Wobinson? I want to cwucify Bwian!)
13:25 Hercules Against the Moonmen Prop box gets knocked over, revealing that is from a 1985 Masters of the Universe Spydor toy. Everyone yells "SPIDER!!!!"
13:35 Hercules Against the Moonmen Joel doesn't perform during the take.
13:54 Hercules and the Captive Women Joel rolls a six-sided die and says "three", even though he rolled a six. (Joel: Oh, nine!)
14:12 Outlaw Kevin stops his own line and breaks off-script. (Servo: Not every woman wants to be Fabio, for crying out loud. Crow: They want to be "Fabio'd". Mike: They do, but, uh...)
14:32 Zombie Nightmare Prop leaks. (Kevin: Oh, he's leaking! Out of his area! It's perfect!)
14:45 Earth vs the Spider There are some prop issues.
15:03 Sidehackers Joel chuckles a bit at the beginning of the song, then forgets his line. (Joel: Sidehackin' is the thing to do, hully hully hully hully racing fools...)
15:31 Fire Maidens of Outer Space Trace messes up his line and speaks gibberish; Kevin and Joel join in.
15:50 Colossus and the Headhunters Trace's hand is visible at the beginning of the scene, adjusting Crow's arm; a female crew-member finally notices the mishap and informs the rest about it. (Trace: Oh, you saw that, huh?)
16:23 Code Name: Diamond Head Trace's black hat visible at lower left during the scene. (Kevin: TRACE! What were you thinking?!)
16:39 Hercules Against the Moonmen Joel flubs the "Tribute to Pants" song, leading to him and the 'bots saying "shit" instead of "pants".
16:49 The Amazing Colossal Man Joel wonders what their next lines are.
17:02 The Magic Sword Kevin blows his line.
17:18 Hercules Against the Moonmen Trace flubs a line.
17:27 Alien From L.A. Trace screws his line up.
17:39 12 to the Moon Bridget forgets her line.
17:58 Manos: The Hands of Fate Joel forgot what to do next during his performance as he is unrolling down the blue screen.
18:05 Hercules Trace flubs a line and doesn't know what he is saying.
18:29 The Girl in Lovers Lane Joel tosses a laundry basket up and it flies wrong.
18:33 The Amazing Colossal Man Joel flubs a line.
18:53 The Indestructible Man Joel does something weird by making a weird face. (Kevin: The hell is that about?! Crew: I don't know!)
19:03 The Skydivers Mike flubs a line as he explains a "double lock jockstrap".
19:28 The Violent Years Theater door does not open exactly on time. (Trace: The... door has to... [door opens] There we go!)
19:37 San Francisco International Trace flubs a line.
19:44 Invasion USA Kevin flubs a line, then makes Mike laugh on the next two takes.
20:00 Colossus and the Headhunters Trace flubs a line when prop hair gets in his mouth. (Trace: I wonder where that came from?)
20:13 Kitten with a Whip Trace's head visible as he's operating Crow. (Interesting note: Trace and both of his characters are in this shot!)
20:27 The Magic Voyage of Sinbad Trace's chinderwear falls off. (Trace: Oh my God, I'm naked.) Trace and Frank then carry on with the scene until Trace tries to join the scratching, leading an off-screen crew member to crack up. (Trace: Here, let me have a go.)
20:58 Bloodlust Trace grabs apple from roast pig's mouth - gets entire pig prop. (Trace: Sorry. Got the whole pig.)
21:10 Mitchell Trace ad libs, laughs.
21:27 The Painted Hills Trace lost track of his line and laughs.
21:42 Radar Secret Service Frank forgets his line.
21:49 Gamera vs Barugon Trace flubs a line.
22:05 The Day the Earth Froze Frank laughs.
22:26 The Brain That Wouldn't Die Prop/Effects failure. (Dr. Forrester: Never mind.)
22:50 Teen-Age Crime Wave Trace misses Frank with spray.
23:01 The Violent Years Frank flubs song. (Trace: [singing] He wasn't Greek, he was a Jew!)
23:24 Gamera Vs Guiron Frank still has his mouth full of food when it's time for his line.
23:42 Kitten With a Whip Frank misses his cue. (Trace: Oh, sorry! He's not here!)
23:49 Kitten With a Whip Frank says "Y'okay!" instead of "Y'sir!" Frank goes back to his starting position for the next take.
24:01 Zombie Nightmare Frank misses line.
24:22 Santa Claus Conquers the Martians Frank laughs as Trace says "SLEEEEP! In Heavenly PEEEEEAAACE!."
24:33 Attack of the Giant Leeches Frank laughs when Kevin is doing the sucking noise for two takes. (Kevin [as Patches]: Is it me sucking you?! Is that what it is?!)
24:55 The Indestructible Man Trace does wrong voice twice; Frank laughs twice.
25:26 Racket Girls Magazine flies wrong twice.
26:04 The Sword and the Dragon Trace misses the lyrics during the song in the same take TWICE.
26:17 Danger! Death Ray! Extended Scene: Fire on Crow gets a little out of control. (Crow: Oh my God! Well, I'll be in my trailer!)
26:49 Danger! Death Ray! Tom's head falls off.
26:54 Beast of Yucca Flats Mike detaches Crow's hand from his arm. (Mike: ...cuz we. ARE. SOMEBODY! Crow: YEAH! [Mike grimaces at Crows hand] My... hand... MY BLOODY HAND! AAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!)
27:16 Beast of Yucca Flats Bridget misses her line cue.
27:38 Beast of Yucca Flats The boom mike falls into the frame of the shot.
27:46 Samson vs. the Vampire Women The performer is in the shot at the wrong time. (Tom: Well, he should've been down – WHAT ARE YOU DOING THERE?! You scamp! Mike: Hey! Who are you? Crow: You saw him, this time! It's TRUE! Tom: It's a bee-keeper!)
27:57 Little Gold Statue Preview Special Crow's head malfunctions. (Crow: I'm drunk! Oh no!)
28:16 Little Golden Statue Preview Special Trace and Kevin ad lib. (Crow: Well, thank you for the compliment! But I'm hardly a Cray... more of a PC. Servo: Shut up.)
28:32 Racket Girls Frank: I love you guys. (Frank looks up and smiles off screen. Pause.)

Trace: ...lemon tree? Frank: Oh, I'm sorry, I completely forgot about that. Trace (laughs): You're just smiling at me, I'm smiling back at you...

28:58 Angels Revenge Trace knocks setpiece over as he performs the scene, falling down.
29:21 Last of the Wild Horses Trace flubs line three times; he can't remember what the prop is called. (Crew: MATTER. TRANSFERENCE. DEVICE. Trace: Ooh, it gonna be a long day...)
30:05 The Violent Years Trace ad libs at the end of the song. (Trace: ...Well, that's it. Good night!)

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