Poopie Parade of Values is a 1995 special created by Best Brains, Inc. to promote and sell various products they had available from the Info Club store. It aired as a part of the MST3K Anthology (aka Turkey Day '95). It was followed by the final segments in Deep 13 and the premiere of Experiment #701T - Night of the Blood Beast.


In the studios of Best Brains, Kevin Murphy and Michael J. Nelson put on an infomercial about two tapes the MST3K Info Club had for sale: the Poopie! tape of bloopers and The MST Scrapbook, a video diary of Mystery Science Theater 3000 from its early days on KTMA until Season 6. Much of the special includes many standard infomercial quirks, such as forced line delivery, attempts at "wit", and a special deal...both tapes for the low, low price of $30! Trace Beaulieu (sporting a bad Australian accent) appears later and joins Mike and Kevin in shilling for the tapes.

The video includes about 8-10 minutes of highlights from each tape.

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