Professor Bobo is a mountain gorilla scientist who initially works out of "The Lab", a subterranean facility built on the ruins of Deep 13 on Earth in the year 2525.



Little is known of Professor Bobo's history prior to his work at "The Lab". He is the "son of Coco and heir to the great lineage of Godo, Mogo and Chim-Chimm".[1]

Some time before Mike Nelson and the crew of The Satellite of Love arrived in 2525, Bobo and his fellow scientist, Dr. Peanut, discovered the cryogenically frozen Pearl Forrester. Thawing her out, they declared her "The Lawgiver" and she used them to recapture the Satellite of Love and restart the "Mystery Science Theater 3000" experiment begun by her son, Dr. Clayton Forrester.

When a group of Bomb worshipers arrives at the Lab and asked for help with their Bomb, Mike's friendly advice led to the bomb exploding, destroying the Earth. Bobo escaped with Pearl aboard The Widowmaker. He traveled with Pearl as they chased the Satellite of Love, eventually landing on the Observer homeworld, where The Observers put them through various physical and mental tests until Mike caused the destruction of the homeworld while trying to create a distraction.

Pearl and Bobo once again escaped, this time with an Observer along with them. The trio continued their pursuit of the SoL, landing on several planets. When Mike was put on trial by the Intergalactic Tribunal for causing the destruction of three planets, Professor Bobo served as his defense lawyer to limited effect.

Shortly afterwards, The Widowmaker encountered a wormhole in space while Bobo was outside of the ship "going". He entered the wormhole for privacy, with The Widowmaker following, dragging the SoL behind.

Bobo landed in "Roman Times", suffering from amnesia and becoming a Gladiatorial champion at the Coliseum under the name "The Mad Goth". Meeting up again with Pearl and Brain Guy, who were pretending to be gods, Bobo eventually regained his memory and revealed their deception. All three were thrown into a dungeon. When they finally engineered their escape, Bobo knocked over a lamp while grabbing a wheel of cheese on the way out.

The next planet they encountered turned out to be Earth in the then-present-day (circa 1998). Making landfall, Pearl discovered Castle Forrester, which she established as her new headquarters for the "MST3K" experiments and her plans to rule the world. Bobo stayed on as her assistant/henchman until Pearl accidentally loosed the Satellite of Love from its orbit around the Earth, bringing the experiment to an end. Bobo found a new "job" at a zoo.[2]

At some point later, Bobo and Brain Guy began to travel with Pearl once again in The Widowmaker, paying a visit to Kinga Forrester as Moon 13, taking the opportunity to welcome Kinga's assistant Max into the "Second-Bananas Club" with a virtual delousing. All three attended the disastrous wedding of Kinga and her new test subject, Jonah Heston.

Although Pearl eventually returned to the Moon to help Kinga with the experiment, she was not joined by Bobo and his current whereabouts are unknown.

Personality and Traits[]

Professor Bobo is a mixture of eminent scientist and sensory-driven primate, often regressing to more primitive desires and actions. Despite his title of "Professor", Bobo frequently demonstrates remarkably little intelligence, even appearing at one point to be illiterate.[3]

He takes great pride in his heritage as an ape and being reminded of it could inspire him to acts of heroism, including rescuing Pearl, Brain Guy and the crew of the Satellite of Love from Body Snatcher aliens.[4]

Bobo displays immense physical strength, which helped him succeed in the Gladitorial ring.

He was fiercly loyal to Pearl as "The Lawgiver", being willing to follow her as long as she would allow him. His initial rivalry with Brain Guy eventually developed into friendship and his hostility towards Mike diminished over time.



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