Professor Bobo is a character who appeared in the final three seasons of MST3K. Played by Kevin Murphy, Bobo is a sapient, speaking gorilla from several hundred years in the future, an homage to the film Planet of the Apes, as well as Episode 306, Time of the Apes.

Professor Bobo is a curious mixture of eminent scientist, descended from a long line of supposedly respected apes, and sensory-driven primate, often regressing to more primitive desires and actions. In the first three episodes of Season 8, he leads an ape laboratory directed by the "Lawgiver" to continue the movie-screening "experiments" on Mike Nelson and the robots trapped on the Satellite of Love. In subsequent shows, Bobo travels with the Lawgiver, who turns out to be Pearl Forrester (taking over the role of mad scientist from her son, Dr. Clayton Forrester). Bobo ultimately becomes one of her henchmen after his planet is destroyed when Mike helps the apes and their new mutant "friends" activate an atomic bomb (a reference to the Planet of the Apes sequel, Beneath the Planet of the Apes).

Despite his title of "Professor", Bobo frequently demonstrates remarkably little intelligence. In episode #813: Jack Frost, Bobo seems to be illiterate. In episode #820: Space Mutiny, he inadvertently obstructs Pearl's attempts to free the "Mads" from captivity in Neronian Rome, and starts the Great Fire of Rome by knocking over a lamp in his haste to steal a wheel of cheese. In the final episode (#1013 Diabolik), he boasts of his new "job" at a zoo, clearly unaware of his future role as a specimen. Bobo still lives with Pearl as of Experiment #1102 Cry Wilderness, and he takes time to welcome Kinga Forrester's assistant Max into "The Second-Bananas Club" with a virtual head-delousing.

However, his pride as an ape was useful in the episode The Giant Spider Invasion, in which he was reminded of his great family heritage.

Mike: "You are Bobo, son of Koko."

Bobo "Yes, and heir to the great lineage of Godo, Bogo, and Chim-Chim!"

During which, he broke free from the bonds which the clones of Pearl and Brain Guy had put around him, and saved the Mads and the SOL crew from their clones.

In a former live podcast, Social Crime Syndicate, Kevin Murphy joked about how "the further away [sic] Bobo was from from his home planet, the stupider he became...."

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