Project Popcorn

Project "Popcorn" (Russian: Проект "попкорна") is a fan-made version of Mystery Science Theater 3000 produced in Russia in 2002. It does not try to re-create the original show, instead featuring original characters.[1]

Two episodes were completed and released.


The evil Professor Zamyshlyavkin of the Brain Institute has hired the hapless Styopa Samakatov to participate in an experiment whereby the Professor shows Styopa bad movies to find a means to take over people's minds. Styopa then riffs on the films with his companions, Fidel, a penguin, and Ketchup, a dog. [2]

Regular cast

  • Anton Neumark - Styopa Samakatov (Стёпа Самокатов)
  • Pavlig Koch - Fidel (Фидель)
  • Timofey Chernov - Ketchup (Кетчуп) / Professor Zamishlavkin (Профессора Замышлявкин)


  1. Дорога К Звездам (Doroga k Zvezdam / Road to the Stars) - A drama about the history of space exploration, centered around Russian rocket scientist Konstantin Tsiolkovsky
  2. Гобой (Gabboi / Oboe) - A look at the life of a professional oboist.

Behind the scenes

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  2. "Popcorn, Pretty Cat, and Perestroika", Binding Polymer
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