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According to "A small band of brave men struggle against enormous odds, battling a superior force, and though ultimately they are defeated their sacrifice becomes a source of inspiration and hope that rings out like a clarion call through the pages of history. But enough about the Mighty Ducks. 300, in contrast, is about a gang of shirtless and immoral baby-killing idiots who hack up a larger group of idiots on some cliff in Greece a couple of thousand years ago. To a soundtrack of ersatz Nine Inch Nails.

Starring Gerard Butler as a shrieking inarticulate Scotsman (so in other words "a Scotsman"), 300 delivers on its promise to be the bloodiest movie since Carrie 2: Carrie vs. Saw. (Though it should be noted that in lieu of blood, 300 utilized digital globs of diluted road tar.)" [1]


The Episode

Quotes & References

  • "I'm gonna have BACON!" "Bacon! Bacon! Bacon! Bacon! Bacon!" "BACON!"

Referencing the Beggin' Strips commercial, shown from the perspective of a dog convinced that he is smelling real bacon.

  • "Buckethead tries a new look."

Buckethead is an Avant-Garde composer and musician, known for wearing a Michael Myers mask and Kentucky Fried Chicken bucket.

  • "Look, skip the Carl Orff and just deliver my mail! Okay?"

Carl Orff was a 20th-century German composer.

  • "This is how Prince likes to travel when he goes out to run a couple of errands."

Prince Rogers Nelson also known as "The Artist" or just "Prince" is a prolific artist, having released several hundred songs in several different genres of music.

  • "Choose your next word carefully Leonidas; they may be your last as king."
    "The one constant through all the years, Ray, has been baseball."

James Earl Jones' speech as the fictional writer Terence Mann in Field of Dreams.

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