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According to "Most film adaptations of comic books skimp on the amount of fantastic-ness, offering at best one or perhaps two units of fantastic-osity. Not Fantastic Four! It goes the extra mile by providing THREE (3) fantastic characters (plus a bonus character who's not so much fantastic as he is a fantastic irritant, in the spirit of battery acid on the skin or airplane glue in the eyes.) Plus, Fantastic Four gives you a villain who looks and acts as though he were carved out of large log of congealed tallow! And while other movies might cast Jessica Alba in a lead role and then task her with giving a performance, Fantastic Four plays to her strengths by avoiding any performance at all and instead merely parades her around in a tighter-than-skin Spandex suit.

Featuring eye-popping special effects and a collection of words written down and then spoken by the actors (it would be a wild exaggeration to refer to it as a "script"), Fantastic Four gets a fantastic four star rating* from Mike and expert riffer Kevin Murphy. *Out of ten possible." [1]


  • This was the first theatrically-released film version of Fantastic Four. A previous film (produced by Roger Corman) was never released in theaters or on home video, but found circulation as bootlegs.
  • A sequel to this film - Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer - was released to mixed reactions. Fox attempted to re-boot the franchise in 2015 with a darker, gritty take on the characters that proved to be unpopular.

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Pamela Anderson and Carmen Electra were known for having surgically augmented their breasts.

  • "If you need me I'll be on the streets of Farmington playing by my own rules!"

Mike is referring to The Shield, a TV show about an experimental division of the Los Angeles Police Department set up in the fictional Farmington district. Michael Chiklis stars as Vic Mackey, a corrupt cop and leader of the Shield Unit.

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