The Movie

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According to "In every single one of the 900 million aliens-come-to-earth movies that had come before it the aliens were malevolent, bent on man's destruction, but Independence Day changed all that. Yes, the alien's were once again malevolent, but this time Judd Hirsch was in the movie! Never before had this even been dreamt of, putting Judd Hirsch in a film. It was a brazen move, one almost as stunning as casting Bill Pullman as the president of the United States as opposed to taking the obvious path and casting him as a guy at a Rapid Oil Change who says, "Ahead. Little more. Little more. Okay, stop." And never before in screen history had a person named "Vivica" done anything let alone attempt to act credibly in a movie role.

Not only that, Independence Day dares to feature one of the most ineffective inspirational speeches since those delivered in a bunker in Berlin in late April 1945." [1]


The Episode

Obscure References

  • "It's Akira! Long live Lord Akira!"
A quote from the anime movie Akira.
  • "Why you acting like this?"
"Why? (opens the curtains and points to the spaceship) THAT'S WHY!"
"What the curtains?"
A quote from the Lancelot sequence in Monty Python and the Holy Grail.
  • "Oh no, Gamera is destroying the city! And I thought he was friend to children."
A running MST3K joke to the titular giant monster of the Gamera series.
  • "You did it! You finally did it! You maniacs!"
Long running reference to George Taylor's last lines in Planet of the Apes.
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