If it isn't on the menu, we're not serving it.
- Marge

For the episode, see MST3K 520 - Radar Secret Service.

Radar Secret Service is a 1950 crime thriller directed by Sam Newfield.


The RADAR Patrol investigates crimes using the latest technology. A low-level criminal called Blackie gets arrested, and the RADAR Patrol attempts to gather information about the larger organization from his girlfriend Marge.

A love triangle in the criminal organization leads to a power struggle that results in betrayal and murder. The RADAR Patrol cleans up the mess and makes the world a safer place.



  • The word RADAR is an acronym devised by the U.S. Navy, standing for either RAdio Detection And Ranging or RAdio Direction And Ranging. The title card for this film is in all capital letters, but the first R is larger than the other letters, so the producers would seem to be using the word in the colloquial sense rather than in the original acronym usage.
  • Early in the film, the officer called "Static" wistfully mentions re: radar that "...Dick Tracy used it years before it was invented." This is presumably an in-joke since the actor playing Static is Ralph Byrd, who had played Tracy in several films throughout the 1930s and 40s. He would soon return to the role in 1950 for television.
  • The character Mickey Moran has the same name as the alter ego of British comic book character Miracleman (originally Marvelman).
  • Actors Tom Neal (Mickey Moran) and Tristram Coffin (Michael) also appeared in The Brute Man.

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