RiffTrax Sings! - More Songs from the Guys of Mystery Science Theater 3000 is an album by The RiffTones released in 2014. It features songs based on several RiffTrax films, along with songs produced for the "Masters of Song Fu" competition and the Twilight/Starship Troopers Kickstarter campaign.

It is available digitally from and iTunes.


  1. "Swing Away" (from Starship Trooper Kickstarter)
  2. "Bella's Lullaby by Kevin" (parody of "Bella's Lullaby" from Twilight Movie Soundtrack)
  3. "(The Ballad of) Rufus Amos Adams
  4. "James Bond Is Having a Bad Day"
  5. "Car Chase Boogie" (from Starship Troopers Kickstarter)
  6. "Ghan-Buri-Ghan" (parody of "Gone Daddy Gone" by Violent Femmes)
  7. "Yahtzee, You and I (Me)" (from Starship Troopers Kickstarter)
  8. "Moon Shine"
  9. "Planet of Dinosaurs Theme Song"
  10. "Voodoo Man" (Inspired by the Bela Lugosi Classic Movie)
  11. "Alphabet of Love" (from Starship Troopers Kickstarter)

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