The Dark One? We don't fear him. He sends transbots to tame us and we cut them into scrap.
- Nyla

For the episode, see MST3K 110 - Robot Holocaust.


In a post-apocalyptic future, the mysterious Neo travels the wasteland with his robot companion. He encounters the daughter of a scientist who has been captured by the Dark One and agrees to help her rescue him.

The Dark One, aided by Valeria, torments the scientist and therefore fails to notice an uprising of his Air Slaves. Neo and his new companions are joined by others and eventually defeat the Dark One.


  • Norris Culf as Neo
  • Nadine Hart as Deeja
  • Joel Von Ornsteiner as Klyton
  • Jennifer Delora as Nyla
  • Andrew Howarth as Kai
  • Angelika Jager as Valaria
  • Michael Downend as Jorn
  • Rick Gianasi as Torque


  • Robot Holocaust was filmed entirely in New York City. Despite being set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, landmarks such as the Chrysler Building can be clearly seen in the background.
  • Much of the music in Robot Holocaust was lifted from Laserblast, which would become an experiment in Season 7.
  • Released theatrically in Italy, but went direct-to-video in the United States.

MST3K Connections[]

  • Executive producer Charles Band was also executive producer for The Day Time Ended as well as producer for Laserblast, Robot Wars (for which he also wrote story), and Doctor Mordrid (for which he was also director and story writer).
  • Stock music composer Richard Band was also composer for Being from Another Planet, Laserblast, The Day Time Ended, and Doctor Mordrid.
  • Stock music composer Joel Goldsmith was composer for Laserblast and sound mixer for The Day Time Ended.