This page contains a list of all known Mystery Science Theater 3000 shorts listed in broadcast order.

Season 1 (1989-1990)

Ep. Short Original Airdate Screenshot
102 Radar Men from the Moon: Chapter One - "Moon Rocket" November 18, 1989 0102s1.jpg
As jet-pack-equipped scientist Commando Cody and his team prepare for the launch of their rocket ship, the government asks them investigate reports of sabotage by spies from the Moon and their hired thugs.
103 Radar Men from the Moon: Chapter Two - "Molten Terror" December 2, 1989 0103s1.jpg
On the Moon, Cody and Ted manage to steal the Moon Men’s gun, but are soon cornered.
105 Radar Men from the Moon: Chapter Three - "Bridge of Death" December 9, 1989 0105s1.jpg
After Cody and his team escape, Retik sends his hired thugs on Earth to set up an ambush.
107 Radar Men from the Moon: Chapter Four - "Flight of Destruction" December 23, 1989 0107s1.jpg
The thugs kidnap Joan and take off with her in a small plane, but Cody is in hot pursuit.
107 Radar Men from the Moon: Chapter Five - "Murder Car" December 23, 1989 0107s2.jpg
Cody saves Joan but is shot down. The thugs blow another heist and are on the run again.
108 Radar Men from the Moon: Chapter Six - "Hills of Death" December 30, 1989 0108s1.jpg
Krog sends the thugs to bomb a volcano, which causes widespread flooding, for some reason. Cody tracks the thugs to a diner, where a fight ensues and Ted is kidnapped. He soon escapes and Cody is after them again.
109 Radar Men from the Moon: Chapter Seven - "Camouflaged Destruction" January 6, 1990 0109s1.jpg
The thugs have a new ray gun in a disguised truck, but Cody and Ted are after them.
109 Radar Men from the Moon: Chapter Eight - "The Enemy Planet" January 6, 1990 0109s2.jpg
Cody and his team return to the moon and drive off with a cache of lunarium, but some moon men give chase.
110 Radar Men from the Moon: Chapter Nine - "Battle in the Stratosphere" January 13, 1990 0110s1.jpg
Cody and Ted escape the pursuing moon men and make it back to the ship. They prepare for liftoff and...the film breaks. Final Cody short, only partially played.

Season 2 (1990-1991)

Season Ep. Short Original Airdate Screenshot
2 203 The Phantom Creeps - Chapter 1 - The Menacing Power October 6, 1990 0205short.jpg

A mad scientist plans to sell his fiendish inventions -- a huge robot, invisibility belt and exploding mechanical spiders -- to foreign powers. In the opener, he fakes his death, then sabotages a plane carrying his enemies.

2 205 The Phantom Creeps - Chapter 2 - Death Stalks The Highways October 27, 1990 0205short.jpg
A disguised Zorka, believed by everyone to be dead, arrives at the site of the plane crash and learns his wife has been killed. Despite the fact that he caused the crash, he blames his enemies and swears to avenge her death. The pilot of the plane survived the crash but was put into a coma by the exploding spider. Dr. Mallory concocts a formula to revive the pilot, but it fails. Assuming there is some missing ingredient to be found in Zorka's lab, Mallory and military intelligence officer West go there, with reporter Jean Drew in tow. But Zorka beats them there, stocks up on supplies and escapes using his invisibility belt, though his assistant Monk is captured. West and Drew pursue him and find Zorka's apparently abandoned car. After West gets into the car, the invisible Zorka knocks him out and releases the brakes. As Jean looks on in horror, the car with the unconscious West inside careens down a hill out of control.
2 206 The Phantom Creeps - Chapter 3 - Crashing Towers November 3, 1990 0205short.jpg
West bails out of the car before it crashes. Zorka, still invisible, steals a car and escapes. Everybody heads back to Zorka's, where the Feds revive Monk. Before they can take him in, the invisible Zorka rescues Monk and the two escape. Back in his secret lab, Zorka shows Monk the mysterious box holding his powerful formula. As Zorka tries to sabotage Mallory's research, Monk attempts to betray Zorka and make off with the box, but is nabbed by the Feds. As they drive him back to headquarters, one of the Feds starts to open the box, causing nearby power line towers to topple toward the car.
2 210 X Marks The Spot December 22, 1990 0210short.jpg
Poor Joe gets grilled in a heavenly court in this WWII era film promoting road safety in New Jersery. First non-serial short.

Season 3 (1991-1992)

Season Ep. Short Original Airdate Screenshot
3 307 Alphabet Antics July 20, 1991 0307s1.jpg
Education short where children are taught the ABCs via strange and surreal rhymes.
3 311 The Sport Parade: Snow Thrills August 24, 1991 0311s1.jpg
All the fun, antics and injuries of sports activities in the snow.
3 313 Speech: Using Your Voice September 14, 1991 0313s1.jpg
Educational short on public speaking teaching the importance of being heard, being understood, and being "pleasing".
3 315 Aquatic Wizards November 9, 1991 0315s1.jpg
As much fun as anybody could hope to have watching waterskiing.
3 315 Catching Trouble November 9, 1991 0315s2.jpg
Ross, an overly enthusiastic wildlife trapper torments snakes, wildcats and bear cubs to send off to the zoo.
3 317 The Home Economics Story October 26, 1991 0317s1.jpg
Kay learns of value of a Home Economics degree in all aspects of a woman's life.
3 319 Mr. B Natural Novembe 30, 1991 0319s1.jpg
A sexually androgynous spirit of music teaches a young nerdish boy the benefit of a musical education and the right instruments.
3 320 Posture Pals December 14, 1991 0320s1.jpg
School competition to see who has the best posture, and the lengths and tricks four kids go through to win those paper crowns.
3 320 Appreaciating Our Parents December 14, 1991 0320s2.jpg
A young boy learns how effective guilt can be when he starts to help out his family about the house.

Season 4 (1992-1993)

Season Ep. Short Original Airdate Screenshot
4 406 Undersea Kingdom - Chapter One: Beneath the Ocean Floor July 18, 1992 0406s1.jpg
Another Republic serial where a mixed Navy/civilian team discovers a mysterious land under the seas.
4 407 Junior Rodeo Daredevils July 25, 1992 0407s1.jpg
To repay their debt to society, two young boys are forced to stage a junior rodeo.
4 409 Undersea Kingdom - Chapter Two: The Undersea City August 15, 1992 0409s1.jpg
The submarine crew is captured and caught between the forces of Atlantis and Unga Khan.
4 413 General Hospital - Segment 1 September 19, 1992 0413s1.jpg
Nurse Jessie's husband Phil ponders an extramarital affair, while a patient gets diagnosed with a hiatus hernia.
4 415 General Hospital - Segment 2 November 25, 1992 0415s1.jpg
Jessie and Phil host a painfully awkward engagement party.
4 417 General Hospital - Segment 3 November 28, 1992 0417s1.jpg
The engagement party ends awkwardly and Phil drives Cynthia home. They kiss in his car.
4 419 Johnny At The Fair December 12, 1992 0419s1.jpg
A young boy ditches his parents at the Canadian National Exhibition and sets off for adventure, meeting some celebrities along the way.
4 421 Circus On Ice January 9, 1993 0421s1.jpg
All the fun of the Circus... but on ice!
4 422 Here Comes the Circus January 16, 1993 0422s1.jpg
All the fun of the Circus... on normal solid ground!
4 423 Hired! - Part 1 January 23, 1993 0423s1.jpg
In part 1, a manager at a Chevrolet dealership laments that his sales staff are unsuccessful selling their product door to door.
4 424 Hired! - Part 2 January 30, 1993 0424s1.jpg
In part 2, our manager gets set straight by his crazy pop about what's going wrong.

Season 5 (1993-1994)

Season Ep. Short Original Airdate Screenshot
5 503 What to Do on a Date July 31, 1993 0503s1.jpg
A young nerd doesn't know where to take a girl out on a date, but at the rummage sale he learns that taffy pulls and weenie roasts are the way to a girls heart.
5 507 The Truck Farmer (Second Edition) September 4, 1993 0507s1.jpg
Explains the vital importance of modern techniques and technology to ensure vegetables are available all year across the USA, while glossing over the role of crop-picking migrant workers.
5 510 Body Care And Grooming September 26, 1993 0510s1.jpg
Who'd have thought, college students might smell bad and require a short to explain why bathing and good personal hygiene are worthwhile.
5 514 Is This Love? November 7, 1993 0514s1.jpg
A young college girl believes she's found her true love after a couple of months of dating and wants to marry, against the wishes of her very old roomate and even older parents.
5 515 Cheating November 13, 1993 0515s1.jpg
A young boy cheats his way to the top, only to have his world crumble when he's caught.
5 518 What About Juvenile Delinquency? December 4, 1993 0518s1.jpg
A gang member turns stool pigeon when the other gang members unwittingly beat up his father to steal his mechanical pencil.
5 520 Last Clear Chance December 18, 1993 0520s1.jpg
A Union Pacific sponsored short promoting traffic safety, especially at railroad crossings. If only they'd look...
5 524 Design for Dreaming February 5, 1994 0524s1.jpg
A woman dreams of a mysterious masked man who takes her to see the future... as represented by the 1956 General Motors Motorama.

Season 6 (1994-1995)

Season Ep. Short Original Airdate Screenshot
6 602 A Date With Your Family July 23, 1994 0602short.jpg
Short teaching you to supress all emotions to ensure you and your family have a pleasant and formal 1950's style family dinner.
6 603 The Selling Wizard July 30, 1994 0603short.jpg
Short explaining to grocery store owners that a new freezer isn't just for keeping stock cold, it's a sales generating dynamo too.
6 607 Uncle Jim's Dairy Farm September 3, 1994 0607short.jpg
City kids George and Betty spend the summer on their Uncle Jim's farm, learning of all the wonder and splendor that dairy farming entails.
6 608 A Day At The Fair October 1, 1994 0608short.jpg
A farming family prepares for their yearly trip to the Indiana State Fair, both to show off their wares and suckle from the teat of the 3-H Club.
6 609 Why Study the Industrial Arts? August 27, 1994 0609short.jpg
A teen disparaging the industrial arts is set straight on its vital nature in all aspects of a 1950's man's life.
6 610 Young Man's Fancy October 8, 1994 0610short.jpg
A young girl learns that a feigned ignorance of electrical appliances will net her a man.
6 613 Keeping Clean and Neat November 5, 1994 0613short.jpg
A short ramming home the message about how to become and stay clean.
6 616 Are You Ready for Marriage? November 26, 1994 0616short.jpg
A young couple learn how love is very much like a rubber band.
6 618 Out of This World December 10, 1994 0618short.jpg
An angel and a demon vie to influence over a humble hardworking bread deliveryman.
6 619 Speech: Platform Posture and Appearance December 17, 1994 0619short.jpg
Learning correct posture by moving your knees in a strange circular motion is essential to becoming a good public speaker.
6 621 Money Talks! December 17, 1994 0621shorta.jpg
Ben Franklin's shadow takes time out to teach young boy about budgeting.
6 621 Progress Island U.S.A. December 17, 1994 0621shortb.jpg
A short explaining that Puerto Rico is just like the USA... but more tropical.
6 623 The Days of Our Years March 18, 1995 0623short.jpg
Another Union Pacific sponsored short explaining how it's the responsibility of the worker to avoid accidents on the job.

Season 7 (1995-1996)

Season Ep. Short Original Airdate Screenshot
7 701T Once Upon a Honeymoon November 23, 1995 0701short.jpg
A long delayed honeymoon causes a housewife to fantasize about new home decor, thanks to the efforts of a fey bespectacled angel.
7 702 The Chicken of Tomorrow February 10, 1996 0702short.jpg
A short explaining what is being done today to weed out the chicken of the past to ensure the chicken of the tomorrow.

Season 9 (1998)

Season Ep. Short Original Airdate Screenshot
9 906 Century 21 Calling June 13, 1998 0906short.jpg
Two overly-enthusiastic teens learn of the amazing phone of the future and its ground-breaking, state-of-the-art features such as call waiting, call conferencing, and touch-tone dialing.
9 912 A Gumby Adventure: "Robot Rumpus" August 29, 1998 0912short.jpg
Opting to be lazy, Gumby gets some robots to do his chores, only to have the robots rebel and overthrow their clay-humanoid masters.

Season 10 (1999)

Season Ep. Short Original Airdate Screenshot
10 1012 A Case of Spring Fever August 1, 1999 1012s1.jpg
A doughy man rashly wishes all springs never existed, only to have Coily the Spring Sprite grant his wish. Quickly realizing the error of his ways, the doughy man then preaches about how important springs are in every aspect of daily life.

Additional Shorts

Ep. Short Original Airdate Screenshot
- Assignment: Venezuela - Ven.jpg
- What's It to You? Mylar - Mylar.jpg
- Circus Day May 3, 2020 CircusDay.jpg
- A Busy Day at the County Fair October 30, 2020 BusyDayTitle.jpg
- Behind the Scenes at the Supermarket October 30, 2020 BehindScenesSupermarketTitle.jpg

Shorts edit
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Season 2 The Phantom Creeps Part 123X Marks the Spot
Season 3 Alphabet AnticsSnow ThrillsSpeech: Using Your VoiceAquatic WizardsCatching TroubleThe Home Economics StoryMr. B NaturalPosture PalsAppreciating Our Parents
Season 4 Undersea Kingdom Part 1Junior Rodeo DaredevilsUndersea Kingdom Part 2General Hospital #1#2#3Johnny at the FairCircus on IceHere Comes the CircusHired! Part 12
Season 5 What to Do on a DateThe Truck FarmerBody Care and GroomingIs This Love?CheatingWhat About Juvenile Delinquency?Last Clear ChanceDesign for Dreaming
Season 6 A Date with Your FamilyThe Selling WizardUncle Jim's Dairy FarmA Day at the FairWhy Study Industrial Arts?Young Man's FancyKeeping Neat and CleanAre You Ready for Marriage?Out of this WorldSpeech: Platform Posture and AppearanceMoney Talks!Progress Island U.S.A.The Days of our Years
Season 7 Once Upon a HoneymoonThe Chicken of Tomorrow
Season 9 Century 21 CallingRobot Rumpus
Season 10 A Case of Spring Fever
Additional Assignment: VenezuelaA Busy Day at the County FairBehind the Scenes at the Supermarket