Shout! Factory is an entertainment company dedicated to releasing specialty CDs, movies, and TV shows started by Rhino Entertainment co-founder Richard Foos, Bob Emmer and Garson Foos. Shout! Factory acquired the rights to new Mystery Science Theater 3000 DVD releases beginning in 2008.

There has never been an official statement of why the companies were switched.

In 2015, it was announced that Shout! Factory had purchased all rights to Mystery Science Theater 3000 from Best Brains, Inc. for an undisclosed sum.

In addition to DVDs, Shout! Factory has made a number of episodes available to watch for free online at their website

This service added all of Season 13 at around the same times that those episodes were made available on Pluto TV. Shout! Factory TV also includes all of the Film Crew and Cinematic Titanic releases, as well as a selection of RiffTrax features. It also offers some episodes of Elvira's Movie Macabe.

Shout! Factory releases[]

Shout's rights to MST3K coincided with the 20th anniversary of the original airing of the show; therefore, their first release was a spectacular celebration of the show. They have since resumed normal numbered releases, continuing their numbering where Rhino left off. Notably, Shout uses Roman numerals to number their sets. They have also released several previously-available episodes on individual DVDs and begun a program of re-issuing the original Rhino sets.

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