Slow the Plot down is a song from the episode Mighty Jack. Joel and the bots are singing a sea chanty, in typical sailor/pirate-speak.


Joel (with concertina): Well aye, me limey buckos. The movie's over, the pain is passed and I's feel like singing a plot shanty. Be lively, now, me Bonnie Raitts!

Bots: Arrrr! Arrrr!

All (singing): Ohhh slow the plot down, laddy/Slow the plot down/Way hey/Slow the plot down!

We'll scuttle the story/and run her aground/We'll try so hard/to slow the plot down!

Bots: Arrrr! Arrrr!

Joel (spoken, normal): Okay now who can tell me their favorite scene from the movie so far? Tom?

Tom: Okay, sure. There was the--uh...Arrrr!

(Music starts)

All (singing): Ohh slow the plot down, laddy/Slow the plot down/Way heySlow the plot down

With German, Italian/and Japanese clowns/We'll try so hard/to slow the plot down!

Joel (spoken, normal): Okay How 'bout you, Crow? You must be full to bursting with some fond memories of today's movie. Come on think hard!

Tom: Arrrr!

Crow: Huh? Oh. Uh...ummm...Ahh, jeez, Joel! I'm drawing a blank!

Tom: Yeah, me too.

Crow: Oh, I remember vaguely a guy... locked in a room! With another guy... and... someone... running. Arrrr!

(music starts)

All (singing): We'll make you a movie/that's long immense/Way hey/Slow the plot down

Just give us a script/that makes no friggin' sense/We'll try so hard/to slow the plot down

Joel (spoken, normal): Well, c'mon you guys! I can remember, I, for one, in vivid detail, A frogman who, uh... Just who IS Mighty Jack, anyway?

Crow: Arrrr!

Tom: Oh, wow! It just hit me! The scene where Quequeg sits motionless on the deck, meditating, foretelling the death of the crew...

Crow: Yeah! And Scout sees Atticus shoot the mad dog in the street and Alice Ghostly--

Joel: I remember! Patrick Swayze walks in and says

All: It's MY way or the highway! Arrrr Arrrr Arrrr

Joel: C'mon you guys...

Crow: Oh My brain hurts

Tom: Oh, Joel I'm so confused!

Joel: It's really not that bad, you guys. I, for one, actually feel like I just got done listening to two hours of Lou Reed's 'Metal Machine Music' You know my brain feels clean as a whistle!

Crow (as Rommel from Sidehackers): And that’s pretty good!

Tom: That’s not half bad! Let’s take it home.

All (singing, off tempo): So slow the plot down, laddies/Slow the plot down/Way hey/Slow the plot down

Just scuttle the story/and run her aground/We'll try so hard/to slow the plot down!

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