For the Season K episode, see MST3K K03 - Star Force: Fugitive Alien II.
For the Season 3 episode, see MST3K 318 - Star Force: Fugitive Alien II.

Star Force: Fugitive Alien II is a 1987 feature distributed by Sandy Frank. It is the second such feature assembled from episodes of the 1978 Japanese science fiction TV series Star Wolf (see Fugitive Alien).


MST3k- Starship in Star Force Fugitive Alien II episode

Star Force

Ken, a renegade Star Wolf, has joined the crew of the starship Bacchus 3 of Space Command. They are making their way to the home world of Colonel Yurulin, whom they have rescued from prison. They plan to sabotage a weapon there that can destroy an entire planet.

They encounter a black hole, a "meteorite", and a star that is about to explode. They succeed in their mission, but the Colonel is killed when he races back to prevent the secret weapon from being destroyed.

The Bacchus 3 then travels to a fresh planet seeking yet another weapon, one that can destroy the entire universe. There, Ken sees someone who looks exactly like his mother. She is part of a trap set by Lord Halkon, the evil genius ruler of Ken’s planet Valna Star, who was last seen ordering the destruction of Earth and all its inhabitants.

Star force film

The infamous misspelling

Ken and Lord Halkon fight, both on the ground and in spaceships, and Halkon is (apparently) killed when his spaceship crashes. The Bacchus 3 takes off again, but Ken tells the rest of the crew that he is returning to Valna Star to try to make it into a better place.


  • Tatsuya Azuma as Ken
  • Miyuki Tanigawa as Tammy
  • Jô Shishido as Captain Joe
  • Chôei Takahashi as Rocky
  • Tsutomu Yukawa as Dan
  • Hiro Tateyama as Billy


  • The credits spell producer Akira Tsuburaya's first name as "Akiri".
  • The Star Wolf TV series was based on a series of novels by Edmond Hamilton.

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