For the MST3K episode, see MST3K 1106 - Starcrash.

Starcrash is a 1978 Italian-made space opera directed by Luigi Cozzi (aka Lewis Coates). It stars Caroline Munro and Marjoe Gortner as rogue space travelers who help a kindly Emperor (Christopher Plummer) defeat an evil usurper. It was co-written by Cozzi and Nat Wachsberger (one of the producers), with additional dialogue by R.A. Dillon. Music is by John Barry.

Starcrash is one of several sci-fi/space opera-type films that were made in the late 1970s/early 1980s in an attempt to capitalize on the popularity of Star Wars.


A pair of roguish space travelers evade law enforcement and discover part of a villainous warlord's plan to conquer the galaxy. They are drawn into an effort to defeat the evil usurper which sends them on a perilous adventure through outer space.



  • As was common practice for European films at the time, most of the film was not shot with sync-sound, the dialogue to be dubbed later. As a cost cutting measure, Caroline Munro was not flown to Los Angeles for the recording sessions. Stella Star's voice was supposedly recorded by Marjoe Gortner's then-wife, actress Candy Clark (though Clark later claimed that it is not her voice).
  • Joe Spinell and Caroline Munro would appear together again in 1982's The Last Horror Film, which was co-written by Judd Hamilton and directed by David Winters (director of Space Mutiny).
  • At the time of production, Caroline Munro was married to Judd Hamilton (the actor in the Elle costume).
  • Starcrash was distributed in America by New World Pictures, a company owned by Roger Corman. Corman insisted on edits adding up to over five minutes of footage in an effort to improve the pace and clarity of the film.
  • Before being riffed on MST3K, Starcrash was used in Episode 3 of Mystery Fandom Theater 3000.


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