"I'm the crime bill! Bang, Bang!"

Supercalafragalisticexpiala-wacky!!! is a song from the episode The Sword and the Dragon. Written by Crow T. Robot as a "topical, satirical review" of the American Government, it is performed on Dr. Clayton Forrester's request to "entertain" a pair of female visitors at Deep 13.

The revue is parody of topical-but-ultimately-toothless political satire, such as the works of Mark Russell or The Capitol Steps.


(In Deep 13, The Mads are sitting on the couch and putting comic books in plastic bags)
TV's Frank: Clay, have you seen my X-Men #354?
Dr. Forrester: Frank, you're breaking my concentration. I wanna get all my back issues of Starlog organized in time to tape tonight's episode of TekWars.
Frank: (mumbling) Oh, TekWars is on. That's right.
(doorbell rings)
Dr. Forrester: I wonder who that could be?
Frank: (still mumbling, going to door) ...that's right, I forgot all about TekWars. We'll have to see... Tonight's episode's supposed to-
'(Frank opens the door and is met by two girls)
Bridget: Hi! I'm Bridget and this is my friend Mary Jo. We just moved in upstairs to Deep 12. We're neighbors!
Frank: (running to couch) Ahhh!! Clay, there are girls here! Actual girls!!!
Dr. Forrester: Uh, ah, uh, don't panic! (scans the comic-covered table) Um, there must be some instructions on what to do. Somewhere...
Bridget: (sitting next to Dr. F) Well, we introduced ourselves. Who are you?
Frank: I have lots of comic books. I keep them in plastic bags.
Bridget: Oh, yeah, I, heh, heh...
Mary Jo: We haven't seen the laundry room. Do you know where it is?
Dr. Forrester: Are we on a date? 'Cause it's okay if we're on a date. Uh, Frank and I have been on, uh, with Frank, yeah, uh... (takes comic book from Bridget, sets it down on table)
Frank: (after an awkward silence) Babylon 5 was on last night.
Bridget: Oh, yeah, yeah. Yeah, it sure- it was. Well I-
Dr. Forrester: Mike, you've got to help us. We're on a date down here. Could you, uh, provide us with some kind of entertainment?
Bridget: (to camera) Hi.
(On the Satellite of Love)
Crow: It just so happens I've written a topical, satirical review that we call...
All: Supercalafragalistic-expialawacky!!!
(everybody runs and mutters as the song begins)


Mike Nelson: (dressed like Uncle Sam) I'm the government,
I'm the government,
I'm filled with bloats and perks.
I'm the government,
I'm the government,
I'm the reason nothing works.
Tom Servo: (speaking, with dollar bills held in his head) Boy, I tell you, it's not easy bein' the working man, but at least I've earned an honest day's wage and I can-
Mike: Thank you! (takes money out of Servo's head)
Servo: Heeyyy!
Crow: (comes out holding a gun) I'm the crime bill: Bang, Bang!
I'm the crime bill! Bang, Bang!
I get shot at every day.
I'm the crime bill! Bang, Bang!
I'm the crime bill! Bang, Bang!
I'm opposed by the NRA. Bang, Bang! Ack, ahh! (makes dying noises)
Mike: (dressed as a little kid and speaking adorably) Hello Mr. Senator. My daddy's out of work, and he says it's because of the deficit. So I saved some money in my piggy bank, and I'm going to give it to you to lower the deficit. If an 8-year-old kid can save money, how come the government can't?
Servo: Honk honk!
Crow: Beep beep!
Servo and Crow: Government gridlock!
All: Honk honk!
Crow: Beep beep!
All: Government gridlock!
Servo: There's a traffic jam at the Congress intersection,
Crow: But the light is red unless there's an election!
Mike: Government sure can get tacky,
All: It's Supercalafragalisticexpiala-wacky!!!


(Back at Deep 13, The Mads are laughing and clapping, but the girls are running in mortal terror)
Dr. Forrester: Oh, ho ho ho! Ho, ho, was that a funny one. That was a stitch!
Frank: Is nothing sacred you guys?!
Dr. Forrester: Oh, well... Mike, your movie this week is called The Sword and the Dragon. We won't be watching it 'cause, uh, we're on a date.
Frank: Yeah, we're on a...
(both notice the girls have left)
Dr. Forrester: (dejectedly to Frank) Pass me The Punisher...
Frank: Better double bag this.
(On the Satellite)
All: (singing) That's the Foreign Policy Blues! Ha Ha!
(Movie Sign is sounded)
Mike: We got movie sign!
Crow: What about improv?

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