We've got 75,000 people in the dome, and we've got a psycho on the loose.
- Mike Shelley

For the episode, see MST3K K15 - Superdome.

Superdome is a 1978 made-for-TV drama that was directed by Jerry Jameson.


Players, business professionals, and locals all prepare for an upcoming Super Bowl in New Orleans. Some of the players are beset by personal and professional problems. The situation becomes more complicated when a string of murders begins taking place in and around the stadium.



  • This made-for-TV film was made in 1976 to promote the Super Bowl XII and was aired as part of The ABC Movie Night Series.
  • Despite the movie being focused on the Super Bowl, there are few scenes of any football being played.
  • There were two previous suspense films revolved around the Super Bowl: Two Minute Warning (1976) and Black Sunday (1977).
  • Though they portray a husband and wife and possessing the same surname, co-stars Ken Howard and Susan Howard have never been married to one another.
  • This film features some professional athletes who transitioned to acting, including Bubba Smith and Dick Butkus.

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