For the episode, see MST3K 503 - Swamp Diamonds.

Swamp Diamonds (also known as Swamp Women) is a 1956 crime movie directed by Roger Corman.


Policewoman Lee Hampton goes undercover in a women's prison to infiltrate a group of hardened female criminals. They break out of jail and go to retrieve a hidden cache of stolen diamonds from the swamp. Complications arise when the women abduct a young couple. Soon, the escaped criminals begin fighting each other. Hampton is torn between her obligation to protect the civilians and her need to maintain her cover.



  • Roger Corman's directorial debut.
  • The male lead, "Touch" Connors, would go on to greater success after changing his name and working as Mike Connors. He would star in the oft-referenced TV series Mannix.
  • In spite of her "And Introducing" credit, Jil Jarmyn had made several film and television appearances prior to this movie, many of which are credited. Contrary to the speculation of the riffers and the reputation of the "And Introducing" credit, she had a substantial (though unremarkable) screen acting career.
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