Synthia Forrester[1] is a clone of Pearl Forrester, created to keep her granddaughter Kinga company while Pearl cruised around space with Brain Guy and Professor Bobo.

As an imperfect clone, Synthia was awkward at human interactions, though she attempted to display affection for Kinga. During Season 12, Synthia seemed more stable and capable in her interactions, presumably as a result of her use of the intelligence-enhancing invention Algernon. She later appeared to be more awkward in the overbearing presence of Pearl.

During the Great Cheesy Movie Circus Tour it was revealed that a clone of Synthia exists, named Mega-Synthia. Synthia and Mega-Synthia appeared in a Zoom meeting during Turkey Day '20, during which they tormented Emily Crenshaw, Jonah Heston, Tom Servo, and Crow. Synthia seemed proud of Mega-Synthia, and the two of them took pleasure in berating the others.

When the Mystery Science Theater 3000 experiment resumed on Moon 1, Synthia continued to aid Kinga. She was responsible for transporting Emily Connor to the Simulator of Love, and supervised Mega-Synthia (who was unpredictable and easily distracted). When Kinga went on vacation with Pearl, Synthia took on a more responsible role when Max proved ill-suited to the task.



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