MST3k- TV's Madam (Played by Trace Beaulieu) in Cave Dwellers host segment

TV's Madame (center).

TV's Madame appeared with Joel and the Bots during the fourth host segment for Cave Dwellers to showcase how Foley sound design worked. This puppet was set afire and was played by Trace Beaulieu.

Pop Culture Significance

  • The puppet Madame (a bawdy old movie star with a naughty sense of humor) was popular with audiences in the 1970s and 1980s. She appeared on a number of comedy/variety shows with American puppeteer Wayland Flowers, her creator.
  • Madame's character is that of an "outrageous old broad" who entertains with double entendres and witty/sarcastic/sardonic comebacks. Madame's appearance and wardrobe are based on movie stars such as Gloria Swanson.
  • Though the character's name is typically pronounced "Madam", it is consistently spelt "Madame".
  • Flowers later adapted the character for a TV sitcom entitled Madame's Place, which aired for one first-run season from September 20, 1982 until February 25, 1983, although the actual number of episodes produced is disputed ( lists 51, Wikipedia includes a claim that there were as many as 75 or 150). The show was unusual for a sitcom in that it was produced for first-run syndication to air five days a week.
  • On the sitcom, Madame lived in a plush mansion with her butler, ex-boxer Pinkerton (Johnny Haymer). They interacted with Madame's bookish secretary Bernadette (Susan Tolsky), Madame's beautiful, IQ-challenged, southern-belle niece Sara Joy (Judy Landers), and nosy kid neighbor Buzzy (Corey Feldman).
  • Within the series, Madame had a talk show featuring guests including Debbie Reynolds, Foster Brooks, and William Shatner.
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