Crow's line "Hey! Grog just threw a bone into the air and it turned into a spaceship!" is actually a reference to an animated Monty Python skit. It's in episode 12 from season 3:

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That sketch is a couple of years after the release of "2001", so no it's not. 

Isn't that riff actually a reference to the Satellite of Love? I thought the SoL was shaped like a bone in reference to the 2001 bone. So the riff is based on a reference to the SoL, which is based on a reference to the Python sketch, which is based on a reference to the movie. RJForklift (talk) 09:16, January 26, 2016 (UTC)


While Ator is hang-gliding, Crow talks about how much Ator is enjoying it, and says "this'll be my regular Saturday night thing". A reference to "Road House", which we already know they love.

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